OSU Extension in the News

OSU Extension to focus on growth, Itemizer-Observer, July 1, 2015, featuring OSU Polk County Extension

New technique to reduce pesticide use among hazelnut farmers, San Francisco Chronicle, July 6, 2015, featureing Vaughn Walton, Horiculture

How Oregon's legislative session impacts farmers, Capital Press, July 7, 2015, featuring OSU Extension

More than a fair share, Oregon Coast Today, July 7, 2015, featuring Todd Williver, Lincoln County

Small-space farming: Espaliered fruit trees, The Oregonian, July 11, 2015, featring Ross Penhallegon, Lane County Area

Oregon Crops, RFD TV, July 28, 2015, featuring Larry Lev, Applied Economics

Natural Product Helps Prevent Cherry Cracking, Growing Produce, July, 28, 2015, featuring Lynn Long, Wasco County

Helping monarch butterflies: Five key points about local pollinators, The Oregonian, July 2, 2015featuring Gail Langellotto, Horticulture and Master Gardeners

The 'Not So Gig One', The Register -Guard, July 29, 2015, featuring Pat Corcoran, Clatsop County

Onion field trial seeks optimal thrip-control program, Capital Press, July 31, 2015, featuring Stuart Reitz, Malheur County