October 2010

October 2010

4-H Hall of Fame 2010 Honorees

Help us honor these individuals during the OSUEA awards dinner on November 17th during the Outreach and Engagement Conference.  Please remember to sign up for the dinner when registering for the conference.

The following individuals were selected for the 2010 Oregon 4-H Hall of Fame:

Elaine Husted, Grant County

Janet May, 4-H Foundation

Tammy Skubinna, Benton County

Stanley Miles, State 4-H office

Ed and Jan Starkey, Benton County


Elaine Husted, 4-H Hall of Fame
Janet May, 4-H Hall of Fame
Tammy Skubinna, 4-H Hall of Fame
Stanley Miles, 4-H Hall of Fame
Ed and Jan Starkey, 4-H Hall of Fame

Educational Publishing Update

Article submitted by Mark Anderson-Wilk, Publishing Leader

Our New Publishing Manager
We’re happy to announce our new publishing manager, Jennifer Alexander. She comes to us from Kansas State University, where she was an agricultural communications editor. Jennifer’s MS and BS degrees are both from Iowa State University.

Our Achievements
The Educational Publishing unit collaborates with Extension faculty authors to produce useful new products and provide access to existing published resources. Here’s a summary of Educational Publishing activities:

  • The public has downloaded approximately 9 million publications from the OSU Extension Catalog in the last year.
  • More than 3,500 works published by OSU Extension over the years are accessible through OSU’s ScholarsArchive repository.
  • The OSU Extension Publications and Multimedia Catalog currently contains 1,286 active items.
  • Extension faculty have proposed more than 100 new publishing projects in the last year.
  • Since September 1, 2009, we have completed and published 108 new products.

Publish with EESC
If you are interested in authoring or co-creating educational materials for the OSU Extension Catalog, please note the following features of and recent improvements to our publishing process:

  • Extension faculty are encouraged to consider a range of multimedia options (such as videos, audio podcasts, and Pachyderm learning modules) in addition to publications. All products, regardless of media type, undergo review by at least two peers to be eligible for the OSU Extension Catalog.
  • EESC works with authors to develop recommendation plans, project agreements, and project schedules for all proposed projects to assist authors in successful completion.
  • OSU Library’s ScholarsArchive provides preservation of digital assets, persistent links to published resources, and easy-to-access usage statistics.
  • We are updating our publishing management system and catalog software to provide improved search functions, author profiles, and seamless flow of collaborative work through the EESC Publishing Life Cycle.
  • We are also developing new accessibility standards to increase opportunities for the public to engage with our published materials.

Learn more
Please see our website for more information about how you can collaborate with EESC to publish your scholarly educational materials: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/eesc/educational-publishing

If you have any questions or would like more information, please let us know. We would be happy to discuss potential projects with you.

Jennifer Alexander, new publishing manager at EESC

Extension Administration Staff Changes

There have been a few changes in the Extension Administration staffing in the last couple of months.  Here's a short list of who to contact for what. If you're not sure who to contact for your needs, just give us a call, 541-737-2711, and we'll help you out!

Denise Ashley, Administrative Assistant, 541-737-2711

  • Outlook Global email list changes
  • Find People & Staff List (website) changes
  • Staff Directory changes
  • Retiree list management
  • PROF Process
  • County Operations and Regional Director Support (Civil Rights reviews, Safety Commitee)

Kim Tarrant (part-time), Administrative Assistant,  541-737-1388

  • Faculty recruitment support
  • Professional Development Fund
  • CRIS Reporting
  • NIMMS Management

Vicki Campbell, Administrative Assistant, 541-737-2713

  • Marketing and promotional items
  • Name badges
  • New hire business cards
  • Teaching Evaluation forms and process
  • Spring Training Coordination
  • O&E Conference Coordination
  • Assoc. Provost/Assoc. Director and OOC Coordinator support, meeting schedules

Marcia Dickson, County Operations Coordinator, 541-737-8406

  • Contracts/MOU's (Service District Agreements, County contracts)
  • Faculty Recruitments
  • Civil Rights Coordination
  • Safety Committee Coordination
  • Staff Development/Training
  • UABC Liaison (and UABC Advisosry Board member)

Karen Watte, Training Specialist, 541-737-4130

  • Develop and conduct trainings
  • Facilitate training opportunities from external trainers
  • Develop online learning modules

Jackie Russell, Executive Assistant, 541-737-1382

  • Signature approvals
  • Out of State Travel authorizations
  • Vice Provost & Director support, meeting schedule
  • Meeting Coordination: Extension and O&E groups, Leadership Groups, Staff Chair conference calls
  • Extension Citizen Advisory Network (ECAN)
  • Newsletter
  • Legislature
  • Budget oversight



Fall Online Tech Training Series

Take advantage of ECTU's great team of trainers, Karen Watte & Isaac Magana, and their short-course series.  Invest half-hour to an hour with them and improve your skills and productivity.

Word 2007, October 27, 9-10am

Reviewing Documents and Using Mail Merge. Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/session_view.php?sess_id=1356

Welcome to Windows 7 - October 29, 10-10:30am or December 3, 10-10:30am
Preview the operating system that will replace Windows XP on your computer soon. This will be a brief review of the new environment, working with files and folders, and searching for content on a Windows 7 PC. Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/course_view.php?crse_id=240&showHidden=true

Getting Organized in Outlook - November 10, 4-4:30pm

A quick 30-minute session that covers how to organize your email. Covers folders, flags, categorizing, rules, search, and archiving. Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/session_view.php?sess_id=1358

PowerPoint 2007 Basics - November 23, 9-10am

Learn to create a simple presentation with speaker’s notes;
Use the slide master; add and manipulate text and graphics and use a few special effects.
Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/session_view.php?sess_id=1353

Questions about your VPN? Learn about VPN (Virtual Private Networking), December 1, 10-10:30am

How it works, and how to keep making it work for you!  (VPN is required to connect remotely to the OSU network.)

Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/session_view.php?sess_id=1357

Excel – Formulas and Functions - December 8, 9-10am
Review the basics about creating formulas in Excel and learn about a few helpful functions that will make working with data sets in Excel easier. Register at:  http://oregonstate.edu/training/session_view.php?sess_id=1350

If you have topics you'd like to see covered in their Tech Training Series just contact Isaac.Magana@oregonstate.edu or Karen.Watte@oregonstate.edu

Joys, Sorrows and Well-wishes

Our Congratulations

To Janey Lee, Forestry and Natural Resources Extension, on the birth of her granddaughter, Miko Lee Mattison born October 16.

To Dave King,
Assoc. Provost Outreach & Engagement, on the birth of his first
grandchild, granddaughter Haylee Grace Wettschurack, born to his
daughter Chelsea and son-in-law Mitch, September 13.


Our Condolences

To Shirley Chow on the death of her sister-in-law.

To the Extension office in Crook County and the family of Sherry Beck, support staff in Crook County for 25 years and who after fighting cancer for more than six years passed away on September 28.  Words best said by Tim Deboodt, Crook County Staff Chair, "We had a lot of fun working together for many, many, years.  She will be missed."  A Celebration of her life was held October 23. 


In your joys and sorrows, you are in our thoughts.

Outreach & Engagment Awards

The OSU Division of Outreach and Engagement recognizes outstanding contributions by faculty and staff that significantly advance the mission of outreach and engagement through the presentation of Awards for Outstanding Achievement. One or more such awards will be given recognizing exceptional performance above and beyond what is expected in a candidate’s job. Awards will include $1,000 provided as OSU funds in a services and supplies index and a commemorative plaque presented at the Outreach & Engagement Strategic Conference.

Nominations should include a 1-2 page letter from the nominator to the Vice Provost, demonstrating how the individual or team has provided outstanding contributions in a category (below) and providing specific examples. Nominations letters must be received by November 1, and may be signed by more than one individual.

Awards recognize outstanding contributions in the following categories:

  • Service Award
  • Strategic Impact Award
  • Program Support Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Diversity Award

Nomination letters may be submitted electronically by November 1 to: Jackie.Russell@oregonstate.edu

For more information: http://outreach.oregonstate.edu/awards-for-excellence

Nominate yourself, your colleague, your team to be recognized for excellence.

Personnel Updates

Newsletter Issue: 

Provided by: UABC-HR

New Hires

  • Lisa McKibbin – Office Manager, Extension, Tillamook County, 9/27


  • Denise Ashley - Administrative Assistant, from Lane County to Extension Administration, Corvallis, 9/1


  • Sue Bowman - Extension Administration, 8/31

Recruitment Updates: Unclassified

  • #0006134 Instructor – Hood River Ext.
    Committee Chair: Anne Hoisington
    Status: posted with close date of 10/02/10

Recruitment Updates: Classified

  • #0006009 – Education Program Assistant, Morrow Co. Ext.
    Committee Chair: Larry Lutcher
    Status: Interviews in progress
  • #0006102 – Education Program Assistant, Jackson Co. Ext.
    Committee Chair: Melissa Matthewson
    Status: Offer pending
  • #0006186 – Education Program Assistant, Coos Co. Ext.
    Committee Chair: John Punches
    Status: Close date, 9/24/2010
  • #0006179 – Education Program Assistant  (Limited Duration), Clackamas Co. Ext.
    Committee Chair: Deborah John
    Status: Interviews approved
  • #0006209 – Education Program Assistant - (4 openings), Metro Area
    Committee Chair: Renee Carr
    Status: Close date, 9/21/2010
  • #0006260 – Education Program Assistant, Malheur Co. Ext.
    Committee Chair: Barbara Brody
    Status: Close date, 9/29/2010
  • #0006311 – Education Program Assistant, Linn Co. Ext.
    Committee Chair: Dan McGrath
    Status: Close date, 10/08/2010

Support our Extension Professional Development Fund

It's that time again!  Time for our traditional fundraising event at the O & E Conference!  Many of us have benefited from at least one of the four professional development fund scholarships -- to help with professional conference expenses, to attend training workshops, or for additional formal education.  Here's a great way to give to the fund that provides financial assistance for our professional development activities.  Bring a door prize, bring your checkbook, or better yet, bring both!  The more we raise for the funds, the more support dollars there are to distribute. 

If you haven't applied for professional development funds yet, the deadline is November 1.  Check out the website at this link for more information:  http://extension.oregonstate.edu/internal/ProfessionalDevelopmentFund
Here's how you can contribute to this year's fundraising effort: 
1.    We're asking each county/campus unit to bring one (or more) raffle items that are representative of your county/campus unit.

2.    You can personally contribute a raffle item! This is a great way for those who were honored with a scholarship in the past to “pay it forward” and help another advance their learning.

3.    You can buy raffle tickets! Look for ticket sales throughout the conference at the OSUEA membership/information table (Alumni Center foyer). You'll get one ticket for every $10 contribution.

4.    Arrange for a payroll deduction. The payroll deduction is an easy way to contribute.  For only $5/month, you'll make a $60 contribution to the fund and receive 6 raffle tickets at the conference (contact Glenda Hyde for application form)!

Thanks in advance for supporting the OSU Extension Professional Development Funds!  If you plan to bring a raffle item, please email Glenda Hyde in advance.  Bring your raffle items to the registration area on Wednesday. We will have drawings at the group meals and meetings Wednesday and Thursday. See you at the conference! Thank you for your support!

Support professional development

Awards & Recognition

OSU Awards Extension Staff at University Day

Our congratulations to the following staff for the awards and honors they received at OSU University Day:

Linda Renslow, OSU Extension, Lane County received the OSU Exemplary Employee Award.

Carlea Freeman, OSU EESC and Extended Campus, received the Karel J. Murphy Professional Faculty Leadership and Service Award.


National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Conference Awards

Congratulations to the following staff who received awards at the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) Conference in September:

Janice Gregg, Linn County, received the Continued Excellence Awar

Jeanne Brandt, Washington County, received the Regional Communications Award for Educational Publication


National 4-H Agent's Conference Award

Congratulations to the following 4-H program faculty who will receive
recognition at the National 4-H Agent’s Conference in October:

Deb Schreiber (Wallowa County), Maureen Hosty (Metro Area), Jed Smith
(Klamath County) received the National Association of Extension 4-H
Agents Specialty Award for Excellence in Natural Resource/Environmental
Educational Team Award for the Urban-Rural Exchange Program.


2010 College of Agricultural Sciences Awards

Congratulations to the following Extension faculty and staff for
recognition of their talents and accomplishments in the College of
Agricultural Sciences.  Awards were presented at the CAS Faculty and
Staff Day at OSU in October.

Jewel Haskins, Klamath Basin Research & Experiement Station, CAS Classified Employee and Professional Faculty Award

Clive Kaiser, Umatilla County, The Briskey Award for Faculty Excellence

Tim Deboodt, Crook County, CAS Excellence in Extension Education

Patricia Skinkis, Extension Horticulture, Savery Outstanding Young Faculty Award

Oregon Cereal Leaf Beetle Team, James and Mildred Oldfiedl/E.R. Jackman Team Award

Anita Azarenka, Horticulture, Roy G. Arnold/ARF Leadership Award


A correction from September's issue:

Barbara Brody, Malheur County (4-H/OFNP), was the
co-author (with Anne-Marie Chamberlain) on the poster that won Extension
Education Poster Western Region at the National Association of County
Agricultural Agents (NACAA) titled: "Ranchers Feeding Kids."


Linda Renslow, OSU Exemplary Employee Award, with the president of OSU, Dr. Ray
Carlea Freeman recieving award

Extension Centennial Update

The Extension Centennial Committee is at work planning activities to commemorate 100 years of Extension in Oregon during 2011. 
Centennial Goals:

  • Use the centennial year to introduce the new Extension
  • Make every contact an invitation to take action, with focus on the web site
  • Target major stakeholder – legislature, commissioners
  • Support the activities that counties and departments choose
  • Involve volunteers in spreading the word
  • Engage those who do not know us
  • Promote and celebrate diversity
  • Honor those whose contributions built the organization
  • Get maximum bang for the buck

County and Department Engagement:
Each county and department has designated a centennial contact.  Tool kits are being prepared for use by counties and departments for building displays and planning and conducting local events.  EESC has created an attractive centennial logo which can be used in mailings and presentations during the year.  The logo is being featured on T shirts, bumper stickers, lapel pins and other items that will be available at the November Outreach and Engagement Conference. 
Legislature Awareness:
An event with the state legislature is being planned for the spring.  Counties will receive a sample proclamation that they can take to their commissioners in advance of local celebrations.
Inaugural Outreach and Engagement Magazine:
The inaugural Outreach and Engagement magazine, to be published in March, will feature Oregon Extension’s centennial with a series of articles.  Extra copies of the magazine will be printed for sharing with stakeholders and supporters.  A series of short radio messages are being created to be broadcast on OPB throughout the year. 
News Releases and Virtual Displays will Feature Historic Facts:
Monthly news releases featuring historical facts and pointing to the present and future of Extension are planned for local news outlets.  Students from the OSU History Department are researching topics that will be featured in the releases.  A virtual display drawing on materials in the University archives will be created for the centennial web page. 
Commemorative Quilt:
Counties and program areas have contributed blocks for a centennial quilt.  The blocks have been arranged and sewn into a very attractive top.  With batting, backing and quilting, the quilt will be prominently displayed at the November conference. 
Public Celebrations:
If you have not already done so, counties and departments are encouraged to begin planning their centennial activities and events.  We expect the centennial year will be highlighted at county fairs and the 2011 State Fair.  A Centennial web page is under development which will provide resources to the counties and program areas as they plan their events.
Members of the committee will staff a display at the November conference.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for the committee, you can pass those along to:


OSU Extension Centennial Logo

New Professional Association for Extension Launched

A new Professional Association for Extension Professionals is being launched for 2011—The National Association of Extension Program and Staff Development Professionals. This Association will provide an organized forum for extension program and staff development professionals across the extension system to come together to:

  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Advocate for the profession
  • Enhance multi-state efforts
  • Discuss, develop, sponsor, and promote educational training programs and activities that advance program and staff development practices
  • Advance the professional status of program and staff development professionals by encouraging continuous self-improvement
  • Strengthen communication with Extension Administration.

Please contact Cheri Brodeur, Membership Chair, 352-392-0386, cbrodeur@ufl.edu  or Debra T. Davis, 225-578-4565, DDavis@agcenter.lsu.edu for information on joining this new and exciting professional association.  Or Join the listserv by sending a message to ddavis@agcenter.lsu.edu or visit Extension Program and Staff Development on Facebook.

National Association of Extension Program and Staff Development Professionals.

Oregon Field Guide features Tim Deboodt & John Buckhouse

Our own Tim Deboodt (Crook County), John Buckhouse (Rangeland Ecolgoy) and friends in Central Oregon are featured in this Oregon Field Guide story on Juniper Control in central and eastern Oregon on OPB-TV.

Featured: Thursday, October 28 at 8:30pm.
The program repeats on Sunday, October 31 at 6:30pm.

You will be able to view it on the OPB website too, in perpetuity. Be sure to pass the air date on to those who might be interested.

Register for Outreach & Engagement Conference

It’s time to “Collaborate & Celebrate”! 2010 Outreach and Engagement Conference, Wednesday, November 17 – Friday, November 19, CH2M Hill Alumni Center, Corvallis


The Outreach and Engagement Conference registration site is open until Friday, November 5. Since our first conference in  December 2008 transition has been a constant. This will be a time for review of what has occurred, where we are, where we are headed, and how we play a part in one of the primary missions of the University.

Event Schedule

Each day we will recognize community partners and faculty and staff that have impacted the University and our communities through their dedication and commitment to Extension. This year the conference will be divided into three unique days of collaborations and celebrations.

Wednesday, Nov 17 - OSUEA Affiliate meetings, OSUEA luncheon meeting and Awards, Extension Reception,  Cooperators' Reception (honorees and nominators), and Awards Banquet for OSUEA Cooperators Awards, ESP Friends of Extension Awards and 4-H Hall of Fame Awards
Thursday, Nov 18 - Extension Programs, Retiree and All Extension Picnic/BBQ
Friday, Nov 19 - University Outreach and Engagement Program and Vice Provost's Outreach and Engagement Luncheon and Awards of Excellence

For registration, complete program schedules, and Corvallis lodging: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/internal/oe_conference/

To register you will need your ONID login and password as well as a department billing index. The index will be used only if you select meals on November 17, OSUEA Day.  There is no charge for any other event or meals. Outreach and Engagement will cover that expense. The committee hopes this will encourage your participation.

Off Campus Faculty & Staff

Like you, we are trying to stay within our reduced budget.  Careful consideration led to the decision not to cover lodging this year; however, we will continue to cover RT mileage for one vehicle per county. You are responsible for your own room reservations. There is a listing of Corvallis Lodging options and phone numbers on the website link above.

Feel free to contact Vicki Campbell, 541-737-2713, with any questions.

Join us at the 2010 O & E Conference

Welcome Sea Grant Extension Program Leader

David Hansen, a former Extension program leader at the University of Delaware, joined the Oregon Sea Grant leadership team Oct. 4 as program leader for Oregon Sea Grant Extension at Oregon State University.

Hansen succeeds Jay Rasmussen, who retired earlier this year after serving 14 years as Sea Grant Extension program leader. Sea Grant Director Stephen Brandt called Hansen “a first-rate choice to lead Sea Grant Extension at a time when time when coastal stakeholders need our services most. He brings both the scientific and academic background and the practical experience to help us achieve our goals of using sound science to create a more informed and engaged society around issues important to our coast, our region and our nation.”

Hansen will be based on the OSU Campus and will oversee a marine Extension program including agents, specialists and educators located on campus and on the Oregon coast from Astoria to Gold Beach, working in fields ranging from watershed restoration and fisheries policy to invasive species, climate change and tsunami preparedness. Oregon’s is one of the largest and most highly regarded Extension programs among the 30 Sea Grant programs nationwide.

Hansen will also serve on the Sea Grant leadership team, which coordinates an integrated program of ocean and coastal outreach, education, research and communications.

The new program leader was educated at Iowa State University, where he earned an MS in forest biology and a PhD in soil science and water resources. He has been an assistant professor of soil and environmental quality at UD since 2006, and since 2008 has also directed Delaware’s Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources program. Hansen has served as Delaware’s representative on the Chesapeake Bay Program scientific and technical advisory committee and co-chair of the program’s Water Quality Goal Implementation Team.

In public presentations during his interviews at OSU this spring, Hansen emphasized the need to build strong teams and forge broad coalitions with others – inside and outside the university – to deepen Sea Grant Extension’s “diversity of expertise,” particularly in tight fiscal times. He expressed strong support for an “outcomes-based” approach to public outreach and engagement, with measurable targets and regular, quantitative assessment of results.

Source: http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/breakingwaves/


David Hansen, Sea Grant Extension Program Leader

Western Extension Leadership Development Seeks Recruits

The Western Extension Leadership Development Programis a two-year program designed for Extension faculty and staff, advisors, educators, and specialists in the Western United States. WELD is seeking those interested in leadership opportunities and training, and OSU Extension is committed to sending at least two faculty or staff to this program and will cover the program fee. 

Self nominations are encouraged from those interested, or recruit and encourage faculty/staff within your county, department, or program to apply.  The application is available at the WELD website and is due by November 4th  to  Jackie.Russell@oregonstate.edu

The WELD Program consists of four dynamic learning experiences:

  1. A personal leadership inventory and assessment;
  2. A leadership seminar covering leadership styles, defining direction, working together through teams, community action process, ethical decision making, and more;
  3. An individual innovative leadership project with support and resources, such as a case study documentation and mentoring relationships;
  4. A capstone seminar where participants share their innovative leadership project.

For additional information about the program, projects, and past OSU WELD participants, contact Troy.Downing@oregonstate.edu , WELD VI Planning Committee Member, or go the website: http://extension.usu.edu/weld/