Promoting Food Security Summit

Please consider attending the "Ending Hunger in Oregon: 2012 Food Security Summit" on campus January 19 and 20. The Summit will assemble leaders, advocates, service providers, producers, and educators, along with a bunch of energetic students, to talk about what people can do at the state, regional, county, and city level to address food insecurity in Oregon. This event is not primarily about collecting more emergency food but about how policies, decisions, politics, laws and practices influence the people in Oregon communities. We will provide new information on root causes of domestic hunger and on emerging ideas and efforts to assist Oregon families struggling to put food on the table, and in so doing, improve our communities, counties, and state. We will also provide ample time for questioning, discussing and strategizing. This may be an excellent opportunity for field staff to bring a couple local stakeholders with them to both contribute insights about the needs of their communities and to learn more about what other communities are doing.  We expect a good showing of graduate and undergraduate students, many of whom are looking for opportunities to serve in internships in Oregon communities.

We have two top-notch plenary speakers coming Max Finberg of the USDA Office for Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and Dr. Deborah Frank, a nationally recognized leader in combating childhood hunger in America. We also will have two special roundtable discussions, with one focusing on the role of local, regional, state, and national government in addressing food insecurity and the other exploring the role of the media in covering and influencing this topic.

Attached is a flyer about the summit. Or, to see a preliminary program and to register, you can go directly to our website at: I hope you can join us. Please email me if you have any questions.

Mark Edwards
Associate Professor of Sociology
OSU School of Public Policy