Tips for Preparing a Great Webinar

Really good Webinars are just like really good F2F presentations.

  • Make your slides tell the major points you want people to see/hear, but not every detail you are saying. Outline your presentation in sections that tell your story incrementally. Each slide should be a piece of that story like a headline. When you speak, fill in the details.  If you think the details are too complicate for people to hear and comprehend, simplify your message, don’t add detail to the slides.  Offer a paper posted on your web site for people to download the details later. Or what I’ve started doing is to put my speaking notes into the notes section of the PowerPoint slides and post them so any who wants more info can see the slide as reference and the message below. See the attached paper presentation from a recent conference in China.

  • Don’t try improve interaction by asking questions you expect people to respond to during the presentation. The response latency is too great. Instead try to anticipate questions from the target audience and ask them of yourself to break up the flow…e.g. “You may be wondering about XXXX. The answer to that is XXXXXX.”
  • Watch for ad hoc questions in the chat space on the screen just like you would watch for questions from the audience.  Repeat the question just like you would in a room where some people could not hear the question.