Call for Nominations Women of Achievement Awards 2011


The Women of Achievement awards honor the contributions and commitment of outstanding women on our campus and throughout Oregon whose work has benefited women. These awards are given to honor women who work to improve the quality of life for their sisters and to recognize their contributions to feminist empowerment.

Do you know someone in your life who should be recognized?  We rely on women like you to identify possible recipients of the Women of Achievement Awards.  You can submit nominations beginning now through March 4, 2011.  We hope at least one recipient of the award will be a student at Oregon State University.

The time and location of the awards ceremony will be announced in Spring quarter.  You can also receive up-to-date information by subscribing to the e-newsletter, just send an email to


Each year, in conjunction with National Women’s History Month, the Women’s Center at Oregon State University (OSU) presents the Women of Achievement Awards. These awards honor the contributions and commitment of outstanding women on our campus and throughout the state of Oregon whose work has benefited women. These awards are given to encourage women in their work and to let them know their contributions do not go unnoticed.

We need your help identifying possible recipients of the 2011 Women of Achievement Awards. Please use the nomination format that follows. We encourage you to distribute this form to anyone interested in making nominations. We hope that at least one recipient of the award will be a student at Oregon State University.

The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, March 4, 2011. The committee will be making final decisions by March 11, and notifying successful nominees that week. The awards will be presented at the Memorial Union Lounge on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 from 3:30-5:00pm.

Please help us recognize some of the many talented and empowering women who have furthered the status of women. Below are the instructions for submitting a nomination. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Women of Achievement Committee:

Linda Anderson
Melissa Cheyney
Sharyn Clough
Sara Gwin
Sarah Hulse
Marty Roberts


The Women of Achievement Awards honor women whose actions and accomplishments meet the following criteria.

  1. Demonstrated a commitment to equality and dedication to furthering the status of women in Oregon
  2. Engaged in work that has positively affected the lives of women and has potential for creating real change
  3. Served as an important role model in the lives of girls or women
  4. Exhibited active involvement in feminist causes and/or organizations (e.g., pay equity, violence against women, women’s health, etc.)
  5. Participated in significant efforts to improve women’s well-being


Nominators must provide:

  • Name, address, phone and e-mail of nominator
  • Relationship to nominee
  • Name, address, and e-mail of the woman being nominated
  • A nomination letter with specific examples of the actions and accomplishments of the nominee that meet the criteria listed above

Nominators may also include:

  • No more than three (3) additional letters of recommendation from individuals other than the primary nominator. Each letter should clearly address, with specific examples, the criteria and qualifications about which the letter writer has direct knowledge. The primary nominator should forward a copy of the award criteria to letter writers. Please remind letter writers that strong nominations will exemplify the nominee’s accomplishments in accordance with the award criteria.
  • A curriculum vita or resume for nominee.

Women of Achievement Award nomination packets must be received by Friday, March 4, 2011. Questions can be addressed to Beth Rietveld at 541.737.1330 or by e-mail: Please send them to the address below:

Beth Rietveld
OSU Women’s Center
Women’s Center/Benton Annex
Corvallis, OR 97331-2503


1985: Jeanne Dost,  JoAnne Trow
1986: Margaret Hallock, Christy Joaccim, Hilda Thompson
1987: Margaret Carter, Margie Hendrickson, Patty Layman, Nancy Vanderpool
1988: Sally Hacker, Margaret Lumpkin
1989: Kay Bower, Ann Brodie, Judy Juntunen
1990: Carol Whipple, Gladys McCoy, Norma Paulus, Miriam W.Orzech
1991: Cynthia G. Lindner, Ilsa Kaattari, Margarita Donnelly, Kathleen G. Saadat
1992: Ataa A. Akyeampong, Helen Berg, Dawn Marges
1993: Janet Lee, Darryla Green-McGrath, Cheryl McLean
1994: Norma Neilson, Mary Demarest, Prudence Miles, Becky Warner
1995: Sherry Clark, Susan A. Goblirsh, Jo-Ann Leong, Sara Malueg, Marina Santos
1996: Stephanie Sanford, Lani Roberts, Jude Hanzo, Viette Helme
1997: Judy Fortmiller, GayLynn Pack, Susan Stafford, Marianne Vydra, Beth Rietveld
1998: Caroline Wilkins, Phyllis Lee, JoAnn Miller
1999: Alexis Walker, Karyle Butcher, Mina McDaniel, Elizabeth Newhall, Sylvia Moore
2000: Susan Shaw, Marlis Miller, Karen Higgins, Mary Anne Deagan
2001: Flaxen Conway, Erlinda Gonzales-Berry, Karel Murphy
2002: Leslie Burns, Betty Busch, Carole Anne Crateau, Rebecca Johnson
2003: Anne Gilles, Linda Klinge, Judith Li, Makiko Matsumoto, Annie Popkin
2004: Rebecca Concepcion, Moira Dempsey, Kathleen Heath, Mary Zelinka, Anisa Zvonkovic
2005: Michelle Bothwell, Joanne Apter, Nancy O’Mara, Marie Harvey, Mehra Shirazi
2006: Donna Champeau, Lisa Ede, Diane Crocker, Barb Gartner Lachenbruch, Paula Krane
2007: Linda Anderson, Zel Brook, Laura Rice
2008: Virginia Weis, Robin Ryan, Debbie Bird McCubbin, Cait O'Brien, Melissa Cheyney
2009: Joann Stutzman, Sue Merrill, Jenny Woodson, Lynn Steele, Patti Watkins, Carrie Giese, Jennifer Jabson
2010: Sandra Neubaum, Lorena Reynolds, Roni Sue, Karen Swanger