Why publish with EESC?

Why publish with EESC?

By Mark Anderson-Wilk, Publishing Leader, Extension and Experiment Station Communications (EESC)

Extension faculty deliver educational materials in a variety of venues and have multiple opportunities to engage with audiences online independent of the involvement of a formal publisher.

For many publishing projects, however, the role of the publisher remains as important as ever. Partnering with EESC, OSU Extension Service’s designated publisher, offers numerous advantageous for Extension faculty:

Quality control. All products published in the OSU Extension Catalog are edited and designed by communication professionals. Our publishing team has decades of professional publishing experience and has received
numerous national awards for our work.

Recognized scholarship. All materials published in the Extension Catalog go through peer review and are recognized as a form of scholarship.

Series numbers. When products are published in the Extension Catalog, they are assigned series numbers (for example, EC, EM, 4-H, PNW, and SR numbers) that provide a convenient way to refer to the products.

Digital preservation. EESC archives all materials published in the Extension Catalog so that they will be available for future reference and reuse as appropriate.

Copyright management. EESC serves as OSU’s copyright steward for materials published in the Extension Catalog. We ensure that all necessary copyright permissions have been documented for the materials we publish, and we respond to outside requests for reproducing items we have published.

To learn more or to get started on a publishing project, please visit us on the web: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/eesc/educational-publishing