OSUEA Cooperator of the Year and Friend of Extension Awards

Each year, OSUEA and ESP honor individuals and businesses who have made significant contributions to Extension programs. It is through these cooperators that Extension is able to accomplish so much. To eliminate duplication of efforts, OSUEA has partnered with our ESP affiliate. The deadline for nominations this year is March 1, 2013.

OSUEA Cooperator of the Year Program has three categories:

  • Individuals with fewer than 10 years of service
  • Individuals with more than 10 years of service
  • Businesses or organizations (no time limit)

The Friend of Extension Award

Sponsored by ESP, the Firend of Extension Award is open to any non-Extension person, company or organization that has demonstrated outstanding support and involvement in Extension efforts. Past Cooperator Award Winners who have continued to serve and contribute are eligible to be nominated as well. The winner of this award will be nominated for the National ESP Friend of Extension Award.

Nomination procedures

Take time now with your staff to nominate someone for this award. The recognition and honor of being named a "2012 OSU Extension Service Cooperator" is a small reward for the time, energy, and dedication a volunteer gives. Every program area in every county, and statewide, has several individuals and businesses who are "you can count on" cooperators. Now is the time to nominate them for this recognition.

  1. Administrators, specialists, agents, and support staff discusses potential nominees for one or more categories
  2. Prepare a nomination
  3. Send in the nomination by March 1 via email to Deb Schreiber 
    • New this year is a requirement for a 150 word abstract
    • Continuing this year is the award participation fee (see policy for details)

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Deb Schreiber  or John Williams, co-chairs of the OSUEA or Mike Knutz, ESP Awards Committee Chair.