2010 Report of Accomplishments and Plan of Work Results

Deborah Maddy, Associate Provost and Associate Director
Deborah Maddy, Associate Provost and Associate Director
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The OSU Extension Service 2010 Report of Accomplishments (ROA) and the 2012 Plan of Work (POW) were submitted to and approved by our federal partner, NIFA/USDA. If you are
interested in viewing either the ROA or the POW, you can go to http://extension.oregonstate.edu/employees/administrative-resources/plans-budgets-reports

Thanks to each of you who made a contribution to the submission. Your individual contribution came through SOARS, Extension’s electronic Stories, Outcomes, and Accomplishments Reporting System. I’m happy to announce that SOARS provided nearly a 100% of the information needed to complete the federal ROA and POW. Overall, the quality of the information within SOARS has greatly improved since you began reporting in 2007. As an organization, we have a few areas where attention is needed. For example, the impact statements should be more of a summary, not the complete evaluation report, with “Impacts of the Program” reporting knowledge gained, behavior changed, practices adopted, or economic, environmental or social benefits achieved. I am confident that as we continue to emphasize the importance of reporting in SOARS and how your impact statements are used throughout the year to tell the Extension success story, faculty members will make every effort to report their best work as an impact statement.

Interesting facts that I discovered about you in SOARS includes:

  • 130 impacts statements were submitted for 2010
    I depended heavily on the impact statements to complete the federal report; these provided the best examples of the difference your work made. If you conducted a program evaluation that resulted in knowledge gained, actions taken or behaviors changed, you will want to also complete an impact statement. This section of SOARS is our most valuable resource for creating marketing materials, news stories, talking points and general reports for use with our stakeholders and the public. (Oh, and if you’re wondering, I did read all 130 impact statements.)
  • 334 grants were awarded in 2010, resulting in nearly $52 million of revenue; a 69% increase in new revenues coming to Extension during the past 12 months
    The grants varied in size from a few thousand dollars to several in the million-plus figure. If you are serving as a PI, please add new grants to SOARS when awarded. Leveraging state dollars is one of the key objectives that our state funders use to measure Extension’s success.
  • 138 scholarly publications were authored by Extension faculty in 2010
    The medium and the review processes varied greatly, but the creative and communicated. Scholarship continues to be a core value of the academy and the Provost asks annually for a listing of Extension-authored publications. If you are the lead author of a publication, please remember to list it in SOARS when it is accepted for publication.
  • 136 awards were earned by Extension faculty and staff in 2010
    Congratulations to all who were honored. It is a continued privilege to work with such a dedicated and high performing group of people.
  • 18,222 volunteers helped with Extension outreach
    You believe that Extension can achieve greater results and build community capacity with the help of volunteers. It is obvious that you value the public good that comes from collaborating with volunteers.
  • 2,163,893 Oregonians engaged at some level with Extension during 2010
    The POW and the ROA express your continued commitment to the state’s residents, communities and businesses. You worked hard to help Oregonians and I am confident that will continue and even expand during these current tough economical times. Thank you!

I was very pleased with what I learned about you and the quality of your work through SOARS. What I like best about SOARS is its role as a data base for easy and timely retrieval of information about the successes of OSU Extension faculty and staff. SOARS gives me and other Extension administrators the most accurate, up-to-date information for representing you with our stakeholders, from elected officials to university administrators to the news media. As Extension field faculty know, SOARS is also critical in the PROF evaluation process. Your help in keeping SOARS current and relevant will help OSU Extension move forward in a positive and meaningful manner.