Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences

2011 ACE Critique and Awards

Oregon State University Award Winners

  • Gold Awards
    • Best Innovative Use of Communication Technology
      • Chris LaBelle, Aaron Senecal, Nick Piatt, Tree Tour iPhone Application
    • Feature Photo
      • Lynn Ketchum, Pest Quest
    • Picture Story
      • Lynn Ketchum, Urban Rural Exchange
    • Four-Color Popular Publications
      • Mark Anderson-Wilk, Tom Weeks, Trees to Know in Oregon
  • Silver Awards
    • Promotional Writing
      • Steve Dodrill, Economic Impact
    • Electronic Publications
      • Mark Anderson-Wilk, Bacterial Canker of Sweet Cherry in Oregon


Presentations by Oregon State University Faculty

  • Jennifer Alexander, Jeff Hino, Bryan Mayjor
    • Managing Multimedia Projects: A Team Approach to Extension Publishing
  • Michael Coe (CLR), Alice Formiga, John McQueen, Alexandra Stone
    • Public Webinars: Technology, Strategies and Evaluation
  • Alice Formiga, Matt Jager, Roger Leigh, John McQueen, Alexandra Stone
    • Building, Maintaining and Sustaining Private and Public Web Content through a Multisite Drupal Environment
  • Alice Formiga, Matt Jager, Roger Leigh, John McQueen, Alexandra Stone
    • Facilitating Group Communication, Planning, Collaboration, and Web Publication
  • Ariel Ginsburg , Tom Merrill (LSU)
    • Diversity SIG Annual Business Meeting
  • Jeff Hino
    •  Prezi: A Nonlinear Alternative to Death By Powerpoint
  • Lynn Ketchum
    • Savory Images and the Quest for New Audiences: Lessons Learned from the Traveling Exhibit
  • Dave King and Jeanne Gleason (New Mexico State University)
    •  Surviving Budget Cuts: New Partnerships, New Money
  • Dave King and Chris La Belle
    •  Driving Content to a Mobile Platform: Are We Killing the Internet in the Process?
  • Dave King, Don Poucher (University of Florida)
    • Evaluating a Latin American Digital Distance Learning System
  • Chris La Belle, Ray Kimsey (NCSU), James McVann (NMSU)
    •  Mobile Technology and Extension’s Audience: Lessons Learned
  • Tamara Hill-Tanquist, Chris La Belle, Bryan Mayjor
    •  Overhauling Your Extension Web Presence to Reach a 21st-Century Audience