ESP Call for Award Nominations - Deadline Extended to October 1

It is time to summit nominations for the Oregon Extension ESP awards.  All award nominations are due October 1 (extended from July 15).  Applications should be submitted electronically - contact Debi Schreiber for the nomination form. If you have any questions regarding these awards contact Debi Schreiber or John Williams (541-426-3143).

(Note: At the OSUEA Board meeting on July 6 it was decided that there would not be an awards program this fall and that the awards would (most probably) be given out at spring training this coming year.  Since the ESP awards are given out at the same time this allows us to give more time for nominations. Therefore we are extending the deadline to October 1, 2011 for nominations for Oregon ESP awards.)

 Award winning applications from
Oregon will be forwarded on for regional consideration. 

Nomination Categories:

  • Meritorious Support Staff
  • Early Career (<10 yrs)
  • Mid Career (10-20 yrs.)
  • DSA (over 20 yrs)
  • Continued Service (previous DSA winners)
  • Retiree Service
  • Team
  • Administrative Leadership
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Diversity/Multi-cultural (Ind.)
  • Diversity/Multi-cultural (Team)
  • International Service

What is ESP?
Epsilon Sigma Phi is the National Extension Professional’s Organization.  Membership in the Gamma Chapter (Oregon) consists of current and retired faculty and professional staff of OSU who have held full or part time Extension appointments for three or more full years, who have displayed a cooperative and helpful attitude toward colleagues, who have demonstrated competency in assigned fields of responsibility and who have exhibited ability in educational techniques essential for an effective Extension program. Contact Jim Reeb for more information on membership or to pay your dues through OSUEA.

Why should I belong to ESP?
Not only does ESP provide a professional affiliation for Extension professionals, it provides scholarships, grants, and recognition for professional development. Active ESP members enjoy the FELLOWSHIP of their colleagues from all areas of Extension and they can receive MONEY to help them achieve their professional goals, as well as state and national RECOGNITION for the fine work they do. Conference presenters, national committee members, and voting delegates may also receive a stipend to help with their attendance at the national ESP conference where they can enhance their PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.