News from OSU Libraries

News from OSU Libraries
Bonnie Avery 
on behalf of Tiah Edmunson-Morton and the OSU Archives

Pack your bags, time to do some Flickr Commons travel! We can thank county extension agents for marvelous reports detailing the activities in the 36 counties in Oregon over the past hundred years, but also for the pictures they took. These record the rural and urban life in Oregon over the last one hundred years. So this summer, instead of travelling the globe, we’re using this season to travel the state via Extension Services   (!

Since there are 36 counties and only 12 weeks June through August, we’ve decided to release a new set from a region in the state each Wednesday. We start with Linn & Benton counties (  See if anything looks familiar.  Thanks to our great student worker for all their scanning – lots of new additions to the digital collections!

Meanwhile, there’s always more to say, so if you want more to read check out Tiah’s blog post:  Also keep your eye out for the release of Laura Soules Cray’s new digital exhibit to celebrate the centennial (due for release in the next month).