OSU Extension Service Cooperator Award - Nominations Deadline Extended to October 1

Each year, OSUEA and ESP honor individuals and businesses who have made significant contributions to Extension programs. It is through these cooperators that Extension is able to accomplish so much. To eliminate duplication of efforts, OSUEA has partnered with our ESP affiliate. We have combined their "Friends of Extension" award with our "OSUEA Cooperator Award" to create the "OSU Extension Service Cooperator Award" (sponsored by OSUEA). One of our winners can then potentially go on to receive national ESP recognition in their Friend of Extension category

Take time now with your staff to nominate someone for this award. The recognition and honor of being named a "2011 OSU Extension Service Cooperator" is a small reward for the time, energy, and dedication a volunteer gives. Every program area in every county, and statewide, has several individuals and businesses who are "you can count on" cooperators. Now is the time to nominate them for this recognition.

(NOTE: At the OSUEA Board meeting on July 6 it was decided that there would not be an awards program this fall and that the awards would (most probably) be given out at spring training this coming year.  Therefore we are extending the deadline to October 1, 2011 (from July 15) for cooperator award nominations.)

Nomination procedures

  1. Administrators, specialists, agents, and support staff discusses potential nominees for one or more categories.
  2. Prepare a nomination.  (see application below)
  3. Send in the nomination by October 1, 2011 (or sooner!). Send nominations electronically to: deb.schreiber@oregonstate.edu
  4. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Deb Schreiber or John Williams (541-426-3143), co-chairs of the OSUEA and ESP Awards Committees.

If you are thinking of nominating someone, and don’t think you will have the nomination done by October 1 , please send us (me and/or John Williams) a note that says this, and we will know that your nomination is coming.

OSU Extension Service Cooperator Award Nomination Application


Name of Applicant:

Applicant’s Title:

Applicant’s Address:

Applicant’s E-mail Address:

Applicant’s Phone Number:


____ Elected Official

____ Extension Volunteer

____ Professional/Business Leader

____ Business/Organization

Nominator’s Name:

Nominator’s Title:

Nominator’s E-mail:

Please describe the nominees’ contribution to Extension using the following criteria:

The nomination is limited to 2 pages.

  1. Brief Background of applicant
  2. Involvement in Extension Efforts
  3. Specific Extension Relationships leading to major efforts
  4. Results of the efforts on behalf of Extension
  5. Value of contribution to those who benefited from the effort

Return the completed nomination to:  deb.schreiber@oregonstate.edu

Nominations are due by: October 1, 2011

**If you have questions regarding the application, please call either of the co-chairs, John Williams or Debi Schreiber (both in Wallowa County) 541-426-3143.