Retiree Issues Corner

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Retirement: A Career Transition

Retiring from one’s current position does not automatically mean entering a traditional retirement lifestyle, where the main focus of one’s life is on rest and leisure. A traditional retirement lifestyle is but one of many options open to the enlightened person who is transitioning from his/her current employment...Today's...pre-retirees are looking to find more personal PURPOSE in their lives than they ever had before. They want something new, something different, perhaps something novel and certainly something interesting at deep personal levels.

People approaching their first retirement transition need exactly the same process of self-analysis and sound consultation that they would receive from a competent career consultant if they were going through a job change. As job changers need to generate their career options in a clear and understandable way, so too, pre-retirees need the same “options generation” process but with slightly different content, slightly different goals, and an entirely different purpose…they need choices.

...the 15 factors shown to be crucial for retirees to come to a comprehensive personal
understanding of themselves...are:

  1. Career Reorientation: Let Go
  2. Retirement Value: Reframe Your Attitudes
  3. Personal Empowerment: Take Charge
  4. Physical Wellness: Grow Well
  5. Monetary Adequacy: Find Your Wealth
  6. Quality of Life – Present: Seek Peace
  7. Quality of Life – Future: Have Dreams
  8. Spirituality/Meaning: Construct Purpose
  9. Respect for Leisure: Have Fun
  10. Personal Flexibility: Welcome Change
  11. Lifespan Spiritual Development: Live Now
  12. Care giving Responsibilities: Honor Yourself
  13. Home Life: Get Connected
  14. Maturation Vitality: Become Ageless
  15. Replacement of Work Functions: Get Going

This information is from an article called “Retirement 360...A View from All Angles”