Lena Etuk Appointed Social Demographer

As of July 1, 2012, Lena Etuk (Social Demographer) will dedicate part of her time to Extension faculty members as a resource to assist with program planning. Though she will be continuing her specialist duties in Family & Community Health, she will have roughly .5 FTE devoted to help faculty and leaders across Extension program areas and the state use social demographic data and information to make decisions about statewide and local program direction, development, and delivery.

In partnership with other faculty members, Lena will lead efforts to provide a suite of services for Extension faculty and administrators that include:

  • Access to data about Oregon towns, cities, and counties;
  • Trainings to develop our capacity to independently perform analyses;
  • Consultation with us about how to use various social demographic data to inform decision-making;
  • Data analysis at state and local levels about emerging trends and client populations; and
  • Tailored needs assessment research.

We can use this social demographic information to identify ways the direction, development, or delivery of programs might be modified or maintained to meet the needs of Oregonians.

Because this is a new service for OSU Extension, Lena actively seeks input about how to best meet our needs. If you would like to participate on an advisory committee for a few hour and a half long meetings please contact her. Alternatively, feel free to send her your ideas via email or call her.

Please contact Lena Etuk via telephone (541) 737-6121 or email if you have any suggestions, feedback, need for services, or interest in serving on the advisory committee.