"Navigating Difference" Courses Offered

Two sessions of the "Navigating Difference" class, covering different aspects of diversity, will be offered this November and December.

Part one of the course will take place at the Washington Street Conference Center in Hillsboro November 7th through 9th. For more information on part one of this course, please contact Patrick Proden at (907) 460-1974.

Part two will be held in Corvallis December 4th through 7th. For more information on part two, please contact Dan McGrath at (503) 931-8307.

Navigating Difference Part One – Cultural Competency
Washington Street Conference Center
November 7-9, 2012, Hillsboro, Oregon
Contact: Patrick Proden (907) 460-1974

Navigating Difference Part Two – Personal Leadership
Outreach and Engagement Diversity Catalyst Team
December 4-7, 2012, OSU Campus, Corvallis, Oregon
Contact: Dan McGrath (503) 931-8307