Important Updates to Teaching Evaluations Processing

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Always use no. 2 pencils and fill in only the circle, completely!
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To improve the quality of your results, and due to the number of teaching evaluations received that cannot be processed as sent (that require correcting or entirely new forms filled in) we have begun returning the incorrect sets to the office where the instructor resides.

Please take the time to review each form before they are mailed to campus.  Following these few simple steps will greatly improve the processing time and quality of your results:

  • Only No. 2 PENCILS, or softer lead, can be used on the form.
  • Forms using pen, marker, colored pencil, checks or Xs, and/or any other sloppily filled in bubbles cannot be processed and are not included on the summaries.
  • Fill in a new form if any markings are not erasable or white-out cannot easily cover.
  • Only original forms can be processed, no copied forms.
  • Each set of citizen evaluations must be accompanied by a pink Instructor Header Sheet.
  • Completely fill out the Instructor Header Sheet – including program (and department code for Ag and Forestry).
  • Only one instructor can be named for each set of evaluations. Multiple instructors may turn in evaluations from the same class IF a separate set of evaluation forms is completed.
  • Mail each set of evaluations as they are completed. Try not to hold them until the end of the year!

Remember, teaching evaluation forms not completed according to the instructions will be returned for correction in your office.

Send all teaching evaluation forms to:
Vicki Campbell
OSU Extension Administration
101 Ballard Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

Feel free to contact Vicki Campbell with any questions. Thank you for your help.

Website for evaluation instructions