New Extension Websites

In early April, OSU Extension will have a new web presence. This will help us work together as a group to tell the story of Extension’s history and invite new participation in Extension’s future. You will notice a new look and some new features, but we are especially pleased with a stronger focus on our statewide presence and improved navigation so that our online users can quickly locate the things that they care about the most.  We highlight the “Life: Get Good at It” message with invitations to “ask an expert; take a class; extend yourself.” As a result of these enhancements, our new web presence provides more entry points for our online users to locate Extension resources and should give us more opportunities to increase our traffic to classes, publications, and program-related activities. 

We’re excited to share more details about the new web presence and will be holding a webinar April 12th at 10 a.m. to provide an overview and offer suggestions for how Extension employees can leverage these new resources. We will send out an email with login information soon. We welcome your input and hope that our new web presence provides you with another tool to celebrate our upcoming Centennial and accomplish your Extension-related goals.