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A recent article promoted on the Extension homepage: A ranching community works together toward rangeland conservation.
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We continue to develop stories and provide timely access to resources and opportunities on the OSU Extension website.

Current homepage items include:

  • Answering moss questions (two Ask an Expert featured questions)
  • Pacific Invasion: Launched by a tsunami, hitchhiking organisms make landfall on an Oregon beach (OAP article)
  • Good for the Bird, Good for the Herd: A ranching community works together toward rangeland conservation (OAP article)
  • Sweet Cherry orchard establishment in the Pacific Northwest (new OSU Extension publication)
  • Participating in Master Gardener training (blog series)
  • OSU turns winemaking waste into fiber supplement, food preservative and flowerpots (news story)
  • View the March Garden Calendar (updated, easier to use gardening calendar)
  • Food preservation classes start in April; contact your local Extension office to register (hot topic)
  • Find your 4-leaf clover with 4-H (hot topic)
  • Spring Break Whale Watching Week (hot topic)

Our goal is to increase Oregonians' awareness of the OSU Extension Service and to provide them with practical, easy-to-understand, research-based information that helps them solve problems and improve their lives.

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