Making Sure Items in Extension Catalog are Updated and Accessible

Mark Anderson-Wilk, Publishing Leader, EESC

EESC is aware that some people have had difficulty finding items in the OSU Extension Publications and Multimedia Catalog. We are developing a new catalog that will provide improved and expanded search and browse options.

Several issues have been involved in the recent problems:

  • Publication files have been migrated to a different server that will provide improved access, but this temporarily created some technical errors that are being fixed.
  • Like other Extension publishing offices across the country, we are working with authors to ensure that out-of-date materials are removed from the catalog.
  • The existing catalog system is very old in software terms. We are experiencing more errors and technical difficulties as this aging system approaches the end of its life.

The great news is we are well on the way to a new, improved catalog! The catalog will feature more options for browsing and searching, easy-to-use “you might also be interested in” links, and much, much more. We’ll provide more information as this project progresses.

In the meantime, you can help us ensure that people can find current catalog items and that they don’t use out-of-date information.

If you provide links to OSU Extension publications on your webpage, please make sure they are working and linking to the current version of the publication. The easiest and most accurate way to identify the correct, most recent URL is to search for a publication in the catalog and copy the “view it now” URL.

If a publication no longer appears in the catalog, most likely it has been removed because the content was reviewed and determined out-of-date. We have attempted to contact authors regarding this. You should remove links to these publications from your website. If you would like a publication on the topic to be available again, you could consider proposing a revision to the publication (propose here:

Thank you for your understanding and your help!