Field Trips Announced for OSU's Natural Resources Leadership Academy

You're invited to be a part of the first-ever OSU Natural Resources Leadership Academy.

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OSU, recognized nationally for its work in natural resources, is extending the expertise of its faculty this summer to professionals and graduate students in the field for a pair of weeklong leadership seminars.

Register for one week, or both, and choose from courses in the areas of conflict management, communication, sustainable natural resources and leadership.

For an inside look at a couple of the NRLA courses, watch these 1-minute videos featuring OSU faculty members Jonathan Velez and Sam Chan:

NRLA field trips announced

Class field trips to Oregon's diverse landscape are an integral part of fostering creative thinking and honing leadership qualities to address natural resources challenges. These day-long trips also offer an excellent opportunity for professional networking.

  • Week 1: Highway 20 realignment project
    Students will learn about the unique challenges of the Highway 20 "Willamette Valley to the Coast" project.
  • Week 2: Beaver Creek State Natural Area
    Students will connect park rangers, administrators, natural resources specialists and community members, all of whom are actively engaged in to Beaver Creek State Natural Area planning processes.

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