Important Dates and Information for SOARS Reporting

Plans of Work (POW) for 2013 are due in SOARS (the Stories, Outcomes, and Accomplishments Reporting System) by December 15, 2012. After that date, your POW will be "locked" and require your immediate supervisor’s approval to submit or edit it. 

Individual Report of Accomplishments (ROA), as well as Extension Contacts, Extension Volunteers, etc., for the 2012 calendar year are due in SOARS by January 15, 2013.  After that date, your ROA will be "locked" and require the approval of your immediate supervisor to submit or edit it.

All Extension faculty and program assistants conducting educational programs for Extension (.20 Extension FTE or greater) are required to complete an annual POW and provide ROAs.

A link to log in to SOARS can be found at the SOARS web page or by navigating from the Extension home page to the Employees section. There will be a link on the "popular links" area in the upper left corner.

Questions regarding POW or ROA content and who is required to complete a POW or ROA should be referred directly to the SOARS contact person in each program area. If, after referring to the SOARS online help (denoted by question mark symbols throughout SOARS) or the SOARS Data Entry Manual, you still have questions on using SOARS, this is the person you should contact for assistance.

Program area contacts for SOARS are:

It may be helpful to download the most recent SOARS Data Entry Manual from the SOARS webpage prior to entering your POW/ROA. There are also "help" buttons (denoted by the "?" symbols) throughout SOARS as well.