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Jennifer Alexander, new publishing manager at EESC
Jennifer Alexander, new publishing manager at EESC
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Article submitted by Mark Anderson-Wilk, Publishing Leader

Our New Publishing Manager
We’re happy to announce our new publishing manager, Jennifer Alexander. She comes to us from Kansas State University, where she was an agricultural communications editor. Jennifer’s MS and BS degrees are both from Iowa State University.

Our Achievements
The Educational Publishing unit collaborates with Extension faculty authors to produce useful new products and provide access to existing published resources. Here’s a summary of Educational Publishing activities:

  • The public has downloaded approximately 9 million publications from the OSU Extension Catalog in the last year.
  • More than 3,500 works published by OSU Extension over the years are accessible through OSU’s ScholarsArchive repository.
  • The OSU Extension Publications and Multimedia Catalog currently contains 1,286 active items.
  • Extension faculty have proposed more than 100 new publishing projects in the last year.
  • Since September 1, 2009, we have completed and published 108 new products.

Publish with EESC
If you are interested in authoring or co-creating educational materials for the OSU Extension Catalog, please note the following features of and recent improvements to our publishing process:

  • Extension faculty are encouraged to consider a range of multimedia options (such as videos, audio podcasts, and Pachyderm learning modules) in addition to publications. All products, regardless of media type, undergo review by at least two peers to be eligible for the OSU Extension Catalog.
  • EESC works with authors to develop recommendation plans, project agreements, and project schedules for all proposed projects to assist authors in successful completion.
  • OSU Library’s ScholarsArchive provides preservation of digital assets, persistent links to published resources, and easy-to-access usage statistics.
  • We are updating our publishing management system and catalog software to provide improved search functions, author profiles, and seamless flow of collaborative work through the EESC Publishing Life Cycle.
  • We are also developing new accessibility standards to increase opportunities for the public to engage with our published materials.

Learn more
Please see our website for more information about how you can collaborate with EESC to publish your scholarly educational materials:

If you have any questions or would like more information, please let us know. We would be happy to discuss potential projects with you.