Extension Administration Staff Changes

There have been a few changes in the Extension Administration staffing in the last couple of months.  Here's a short list of who to contact for what. If you're not sure who to contact for your needs, just give us a call, 541-737-2711, and we'll help you out!

Denise Ashley, Administrative Assistant, 541-737-2711

  • Outlook Global email list changes
  • Find People & Staff List (website) changes
  • Staff Directory changes
  • Retiree list management
  • PROF Process
  • County Operations and Regional Director Support (Civil Rights reviews, Safety Commitee)

Kim Tarrant (part-time), Administrative Assistant,  541-737-1388

  • Faculty recruitment support
  • Professional Development Fund
  • CRIS Reporting
  • NIMMS Management

Vicki Campbell, Administrative Assistant, 541-737-2713

  • Marketing and promotional items
  • Name badges
  • New hire business cards
  • Teaching Evaluation forms and process
  • Spring Training Coordination
  • O&E Conference Coordination
  • Assoc. Provost/Assoc. Director and OOC Coordinator support, meeting schedules

Marcia Dickson, County Operations Coordinator, 541-737-8406

  • Contracts/MOU's (Service District Agreements, County contracts)
  • Faculty Recruitments
  • Civil Rights Coordination
  • Safety Committee Coordination
  • Staff Development/Training
  • UABC Liaison (and UABC Advisosry Board member)

Karen Watte, Training Specialist, 541-737-4130

  • Develop and conduct trainings
  • Facilitate training opportunities from external trainers
  • Develop online learning modules

Jackie Russell, Executive Assistant, 541-737-1382

  • Signature approvals
  • Out of State Travel authorizations
  • Vice Provost & Director support, meeting schedule
  • Meeting Coordination: Extension and O&E groups, Leadership Groups, Staff Chair conference calls
  • Extension Citizen Advisory Network (ECAN)
  • Newsletter
  • Legislature
  • Budget oversight