Extension Centennial Update

OSU Extension Centennial Logo
OSU Extension Centennial Logo
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The Extension Centennial Committee is at work planning activities to commemorate 100 years of Extension in Oregon during 2011. 
Centennial Goals:

  • Use the centennial year to introduce the new Extension
  • Make every contact an invitation to take action, with focus on the web site
  • Target major stakeholder – legislature, commissioners
  • Support the activities that counties and departments choose
  • Involve volunteers in spreading the word
  • Engage those who do not know us
  • Promote and celebrate diversity
  • Honor those whose contributions built the organization
  • Get maximum bang for the buck

County and Department Engagement:
Each county and department has designated a centennial contact.  Tool kits are being prepared for use by counties and departments for building displays and planning and conducting local events.  EESC has created an attractive centennial logo which can be used in mailings and presentations during the year.  The logo is being featured on T shirts, bumper stickers, lapel pins and other items that will be available at the November Outreach and Engagement Conference. 
Legislature Awareness:
An event with the state legislature is being planned for the spring.  Counties will receive a sample proclamation that they can take to their commissioners in advance of local celebrations.
Inaugural Outreach and Engagement Magazine:
The inaugural Outreach and Engagement magazine, to be published in March, will feature Oregon Extension’s centennial with a series of articles.  Extra copies of the magazine will be printed for sharing with stakeholders and supporters.  A series of short radio messages are being created to be broadcast on OPB throughout the year. 
News Releases and Virtual Displays will Feature Historic Facts:
Monthly news releases featuring historical facts and pointing to the present and future of Extension are planned for local news outlets.  Students from the OSU History Department are researching topics that will be featured in the releases.  A virtual display drawing on materials in the University archives will be created for the centennial web page. 
Commemorative Quilt:
Counties and program areas have contributed blocks for a centennial quilt.  The blocks have been arranged and sewn into a very attractive top.  With batting, backing and quilting, the quilt will be prominently displayed at the November conference. 
Public Celebrations:
If you have not already done so, counties and departments are encouraged to begin planning their centennial activities and events.  We expect the centennial year will be highlighted at county fairs and the 2011 State Fair.  A Centennial web page is under development which will provide resources to the counties and program areas as they plan their events.
Members of the committee will staff a display at the November conference.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for the committee, you can pass those along to: