Outreach & Engagment Awards

Nominate yourself, your colleague, your team to be recognized for excellence.
Nominate yourself, your colleague, your team to be recognized for the excellence brought above and beyond what is expected ...
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The OSU Division of Outreach and Engagement recognizes outstanding contributions by faculty and staff that significantly advance the mission of outreach and engagement through the presentation of Awards for Outstanding Achievement. One or more such awards will be given recognizing exceptional performance above and beyond what is expected in a candidate’s job. Awards will include $1,000 provided as OSU funds in a services and supplies index and a commemorative plaque presented at the Outreach & Engagement Strategic Conference.

Nominations should include a 1-2 page letter from the nominator to the Vice Provost, demonstrating how the individual or team has provided outstanding contributions in a category (below) and providing specific examples. Nominations letters must be received by November 1, and may be signed by more than one individual.

Awards recognize outstanding contributions in the following categories:

  • Service Award
  • Strategic Impact Award
  • Program Support Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Diversity Award

Nomination letters may be submitted electronically by November 1 to: Jackie.Russell@oregonstate.edu

For more information: http://outreach.oregonstate.edu/awards-for-excellence