Western Extension Leadership Development Seeks Recruits

The Western Extension Leadership Development Programis a two-year program designed for Extension faculty and staff, advisors, educators, and specialists in the Western United States. WELD is seeking those interested in leadership opportunities and training, and OSU Extension is committed to sending at least two faculty or staff to this program and will cover the program fee. 

Self nominations are encouraged from those interested, or recruit and encourage faculty/staff within your county, department, or program to apply.  The application is available at the WELD website and is due by November 4th  to  Jackie.Russell@oregonstate.edu

The WELD Program consists of four dynamic learning experiences:

  1. A personal leadership inventory and assessment;
  2. A leadership seminar covering leadership styles, defining direction, working together through teams, community action process, ethical decision making, and more;
  3. An individual innovative leadership project with support and resources, such as a case study documentation and mentoring relationships;
  4. A capstone seminar where participants share their innovative leadership project.

For additional information about the program, projects, and past OSU WELD participants, contact Troy.Downing@oregonstate.edu , WELD VI Planning Committee Member, or go the website: http://extension.usu.edu/weld/