Call for Nominations: LEAD 21 Class X (2014-2015)

Outreach and Engagement leadership is seeking faculty nominations for the next LEAD21 Class X for those interested in leadership development. Please send nomination or self-nomination to Jackie Russell by Tuesday, October 15. Nominations will be reviewed and selection of applicant(s) will be made by O&E Executive team.

O&E funds will cover the registration fee of $9,500 (includes lodging, meals and educational materials for all three sessions) for one or two Division representative per class, with the faculty member being responsible for travel and other expenses not covered in the registration fee.

Please see the website for more information and schedule. If you have questions about the experience, past participants who would be happy to provide their insights include Patrick Proden, Derek Godwin, Sam Angima, Willie Riggs, Mary Corp; as well as Dana Martin and Mike Bondi who are currently attending Class IX.