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September 2010 (print-friendly version)

From the Desk of the Vice Provost & Director, Scott Reed

Any way you put it, OSU Extension is in the news—in the backroom, in the coffee shop and in the newspaper. Of course, this is no surprise given the widespread programs and stakeholders of our nearly 100 year-old organization. Most recently, the Bend Bulletin interviewed several of us to develop a published article you can read at http://url.bb/a68Xe8

Over the next several months, Extension’s four implementation teams will be working on recommendations to assist our evolution into the next biennium—a two-year period beginning in July, 2011 that many are anticipating will hold the turning point for a recovering economy. But we’re not there yet. While estimates vary, Oregon could be short as much as $3 billion dollars of general funds—approaching a 25 percent shortfall. Thus-once again, we anticipate very difficult planning for such uncertainties, while we have some control over our destiny. Each of the implementation teams is considering how to add efficiencies in their assigned area while enhancing resources through innovation, or better finding market value.

If asked, please provide your best thinking to each of these hard-working groups. Below I’ve identified each team’s focus and the co-chairs of each:

Information and Communication Technologies, Keith Diem and Chris LaBelle
Business Model, Jim Johnson and Willie Riggs
Assessment, Marc Braverman and Pamela Rose
Area Administration, Phil Hamm and Patrick Proden

Thanks to all who are contributing.

Scott Reed, Vice Provost and Director

1Search improves search results

by: Bonnie Avery, Natural Resources Librarian

The new search box -- “1Search” – on the OSU Libraries homepage (http://library.oregonstate.edu) lets you search most of our e-content from a single interface. While it does not include the holdings of ALL of the databases we subscribe to, it does allow you to search across our e-journals and identify articles in many databases. Notably, soon the Web of Science will be searchable with 1Search along with the EBSCO databases (Academic Search Premier, Agricola, to name a couple).

Not every result will be in full-text but with the 360-Link feature, you can step your way to a request articles we have in print using the same system we use for Interlibrary Loan … you don’t have to figure out if we have it – we’ll get it.

Outreach & Engagement Conference

Join us Nov. 17-19 for the O&E Conference.

11/17 – OSUEA Day

7am – 12pm Affiliate meetings, AG affiliate breakfast (proposed)

10am-12pm Staff Chairs & Superintendents discussion with Ramaswamy & Reed

10am Accept Professional Development Funds raffle items

10am-12pm Poster displays set-up (Linda McMahan)

11am Membership table open

12–3:30pm OSUEA Luncheon Business meeting, election of officers OSUEA Awards, Rick Fletcher and ESP Awards, Joy Jones Raffle prizes

3:30 pm Break & Poster viewing

4– 5 pm Search for Excellence, Chal Landgren Raffle prizes

5:30-6:30pm Welcome & Networking Reception AND Invited Reception OSUEA, ESP Cooperators & 4-H Volunteer Recognition Reception. Awardees, guests and nominators by invitation

6:30-8:30pm OSUEA Cooperators, ESP and 4-H Hall of Fame Awards/Recognition Dinner


11/18 - Extension Day

8:00am Continental breakfast
8:3 am Welcome
OSU faculty/staff production of Working with our Publics reading theater
Dr. Martha Nall, U of KY, History of Land Grants and Extension
EESC Video – The Impact of Extension Today
Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, Evergreen State College, WA - Thinking outside the box!
11:45am Lunch - networking time
1:00pm Field Trips to better understand the impact of programs and campus-based
4:00pm Happy Hour at the Brewery, Wiegand Hall
6:00pm All Extension Picnic, Recognition of Accomplishments & Centennial kick off -
Corvallis Country Club, 1850 SW Whiteside Dr., Corvallis

8:00 am Continental breakfast

8:30 am Welcome

OSU faculty/staff production of Working with our Publics reading theater

Dr. Martha Nall, U of KY, History of Land Grants and Extension

EESC Video – The Impact of Extension Today

Dr. Nalini Nadkarni, Evergreen State College, WA - Thinking outside the box!

 11:45am Lunch - networking time

1:00pm Field Trips to better understand the impact of programs and campus-based resources

4:00pm Happy Hour at the Brewery, Wiegand Hall

6:00pm All Extension Picnic, Recognition of Accomplishments & Centennial kick off at the Corvallis Country Club, 1850 SW Whiteside Dr., Corvallis


11/19 – Outreach & Engagement Day

7:30am Continental Breakfast

8:00am Welcome

President Ray - OSU’s Vision of Outreach and Engagement

Lorilee Sandmann, U of GA - A National Vision of Outreach and Engagement

Panel: Outreach and Engagement Practitioners

11:00am Outreach and Engagement During Times of Transition, Scott Reed, Debbie

Maddy, Dave King: Strategic Plan – Progress made, How will the division and

units be different, Goals for the future, Lessons Learned

12:00pm Outreach & Engagement Awards Luncheon

1:30pm Adjourn


(Reminder: Professional Development Funds application deadline, November 1 http://extension.oregonstate.edu/internal/ProfessionalDevelopmentFund)

Now ordering 2011 pocket calendars

2011 pocket calendars are available for ordering now, $2.25/ea.

We’re stocking a limited quantity this year (250) so get your orders in early to have these for council members, volunteers, advisory groups.

Place your order with Vicki Campbell, Extension Administration:

Awards, Recognition, Grants, & Publications

National Association of County Agricultural Agents Award Winners & 94th Annual Meeting of the Potato Association of America

Barbi Riggs, Crook County, received the Achievement Award for Oregon

Ross Penhallegon, Lane County, received the Distinguished Service Award for Oregon

Anna-Marie Chamberlain (*Correction*: and Barbara Brody), Malheur County, Extension Education Poster Western Region winner. Poster titled: ”Ranchers Feeding Kids.”

Mary Corp, Umatilla County, was awarded the Search for Excellence Luncheon- Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education oral presentation.

Chanda Engel, Klamath County, (Communications State Chair) was the Western Region winner for an applied research poster.

Melissa Fery, Benton County, (Sustainable Agriculture State chair; Educational and Applied Research Poster Session Judge) won an award for an Audio Recording

Randy Mills, Umatilla County, (Outgoing National and Western Region Vice-Chair, Animal Science Committee) won 2nd place National level and was Western Region Winner for an applied research poster.

Brian Tuck, Wasco County, (Agronomy and Pest Management State Chair; Recognition and Awards State Chair) won awards for Extension Fact Sheet, Workshop Flyer, and Personal Column.


94th Annual Meeting of the Potato Association of America
Phil Hamm, Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center, Researcher of the Year
Sandra DeBano, George Clough, Phillip Hamm, Dan Hane, Silvia Rondon, Isabel Vales,
along with others: Outstanding Extension Project Award for their work on potato
Dan Hane and Steven James were recognized for their lifetime achievements and
named Honorary Life Members.

94th Annual Meeting of the Potato Association of America

 Phil Hamm, Hermiston Ag Research & Extension Center, Researcher of the Year

Sandra DeBano, George Clough, Phillip Hamm, Dan Hane, Silvia Rondon, Isabel Vales, along with others: Outstanding Extension Project Award for their work on potato tuberworm.

Dan Hane and Steven James were recognized for their lifetime achievements andnamed Honorary Life Members.


OSUEA Awards Nominations Due by October 8
Rick Fletcher, OSUEA Awards Committee Chair

In life you do not always get second chances, but when it comes to recognizing your colleagues for an OSUEA award, 2010 offers you a second chance. Earlier this year we presented awards for 2009 OSUEA award winners.

Now it is time to nominate your colleagues for a 2010 OSUEA award, to be presented in November at the Outreach and Engagement Conference in Corvallis, November 17-19. OSUEA, our Oregon Extension Association is currently accepting nominations (due by October 8) for the following awards:

OSU Newer Faculty Achievement Awards
OSU Experienced Faculty Achievement Awards
OSUEA Classified Staff Award
OSUEA Professional Educational Program Assistant Award
OSUEA Professional Faculty Award
OSUEA Team Award
Alberta Johnson Award for Excellence in Extension Education
Alberta Johnson Award for Extension Leadership
Oscar Hagg Extension Communications Award

We are also soliciting grant applications for innovative projects for 2011, for the OSUEA Hoecker Grants Program.

Take advantage of this opportunity to recognize your peers for all the great work that they do. Our biggest problem in the past few years has been lack of nominations, with some awards receiving no nominations. Our awards committee awaits your nominations.

To find out more about these awards, including nomination criteria, a complete list of past winners, and information required, visit the OSUEA website at: http://oregonstate.edu/Dept/osuea/awards.htm. A list of current OSUEA members is also on the OSUEA webpage: http://oregonstate.edu/dept/osuea.

Completed award nominations need to be mailed or faxed by Friday, October 8, 2010 to: Rick Fletcher, Benton County Extension Service, 1849 NW 9th, Corvallis, OR 97330 Fax: 541-766-3549 or email to rick.fletcher@oregonstate.edu.


ESP Award nominations are due by October 12, 1010
Joy Jones, ESP Gamma Chapter Recognition Chair

All Gamma Chapter (Oregon) members are encouraged to nominate their peers or to apply themselves for the Epsilon Sigma Phi Chapter Awards. Nominees must be members of ESP except for the Meritorious Support Staff and Friend of Extension categories. For team awards, at least half of the team must be ESP members. The chapter ESP award winner’s applications will be submitted for consideration for National ESP awards.

It is important to nominate your peers for recognition for the good work that they do. You may nominate someone by either completing the nomination form or you may fill it out electronically at the site mentioned below. If you use the electronic form it saves me some additional work later, but either is fine.

If you need information on the awards, application forms, or have questions or need help please contact Joy Jones.

Award Nominations Due by: October 12, 2010.

Send nominations to the Gamma Chapter Recognition Chair: joy . jones (at) oregonstate . edu

Electronic Nomination Form:

Applications are available at: http://forms.espnational.com
Look under “Chapter Recognition” for forms. Use Joy Jones (and my e-mail address) as the state contact on the electronic nomination form.


Oregon to Benefit from $5M OJJDP Award to National 4-H Council
Roger Rennekamp

I am pleased to announce that National 4-H Council has been named the recipient of a $5M Award from OJJDP to support the replication of three youth mentoring programs. One of these programs is the Oregon 4-H Tech Wizards program scheduled to be replicated in 20 states across the nation. Consequently, Oregon State University will receive funds from this grant to support the replication process. Congratulations to Patrick Proden, Octaviano Merecias-Cuevas, and Pat Willis for their role in preparing the grant proposal.

Publications - Journal of Extension: August 2010

Enrollment, Retention, and Activity in an Online Master Gardener Course
Langellotto-Rhodaback, Gail, Horticulture

Can Blogging Benefit Staff & Youth in 4-H Camp Programs?
Ashton, Carolyn, Linn County; Galloway, Robin, Linn County; Bourdeau, Virginia, 4H statewide

County Survey Reveals Large Savings of Staff Time and Money

by Keith Diem & Doug Hart

The OSU Provost recently agreed to invest approximately $500,000 for upgraded networking hardware for improved connectivity of county Extension offices and branch Experiment Stations. To help justify that investment and to demonstrate how Extension has made progress in communication efficiency, a brief survey of county staff chairs and office managers was conducted in July-August regarding the use of Polycom and Adobe Connect from July 2009 through June 2010. We appreciated that 92 percent of counties/sites responded and found the results to be very useful and informative for our organization.

Survey results revealed the following estimates from the 36 counties/sites responding:

  • 1,309 meetings were held using Polycom or Adobe Connect during the past year.
  • As a result, 286,447 less miles were driven to meetings by faculty/staff due to Polycom and Adobe Connect use and 8,980 hours of faculty/staff time was saved in lieu of driving to meetings for the year.

Respondents also shared a variety of helpful comments regarding how Polycom and/or Adobe Connect use has benefitted their offices and its faculty/staff or clientele. The complete report was recently shared with the Information & Communication Technologies Implementation Team and is available upon request.

Lane County Update

The Oregon State University Extension Service closed its office near the Lane County fairgrounds on September 2 and has concluded all educational programming at that site. The Nutrition Education Program, newly relocated to 783 Grant Street in Eugene, is the sole Extension program now operating in Lane County. It is continuing to operate because it is federally funded and does not rely on local matching funds.

Staff Chair Steve Dodrill reports that Extension’s Lane County website will evolve in the months ahead, providing access to a broader selection of online educational opportunities. He also encourages Extension supporters to stay connected with each other through the organization’s Facebook social media site (http://www.facebook.com/OSU.Extension.Service.Lane.County).

“OSU will continue exploring potential partnerships and funding sources that might bring local Extension programs back to Lane County, but we also are committed to expanding our online presence,” said Dodrill. “The Internet offers important opportunities to reach new audiences and introduces efficiencies in the way we deliver Extension’s educational programming.”

Grants and eXtension Workshops and a OSUEA Call for Posters

Two Competitive Grants Workshops to be held November, 2010 & January, 2011

November 30 - December 1, 2010, Arlington, VA
January 25th - 26th, 201, Arlington, VA

The Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors (SAAESD) and Virginia Tech University are pleased to host both Competitive Grants Workshops. Competitive funding opportunities offered by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) will be presented by program staff at NIFA as well as understanding the review process. Successful awardees from selected NIFA programs will also provide insights into what makes various types of projects successful and offer tips for success in helping make your application become a winning grant. Web Site: http://www.cpe.vt.edu/usdagrant/

Travel grants are available, on a competitively-awarded basis, to individuals from Minority-Serving and several other under-served institutions. Information regarding registration, application for travel grants, and other details are available on the respective web sites. Space is limited so register early!

eXtension Workshops

September eXtension’s professional development offers 30 - 60 minute sessions on

  • Beginning with the Ask an Expert Widget and Ask an Expert Discussion Double Header
  • Question Wrangler Monthly Meetup
  • Introduction to Google Docs for Workflow Management
  • Getting Started in Second Life Complete descriptions and details at http://learn.extension.org/.

See information for each session, an overview of upcoming eXtension Professional Development sessions, links to historical sessions.

OSUEA: Call for Posters

It is once again time to consider sharing your work with your peers through the OSUEA Poster Session.

The session is open to all Extension and Ecampus employees. Two kinds of submissions, 1) Peer-Refereed and 2) Posters to Share with Peers, are available. Please see the attached description for more information and instructions. Poster Proposals are due on Friday, October 8, 2010 for the November 17-19 O&E Conference.

I look forward to receiving your proposals and will be pleased to answer any questions you might have. Contact Linda McMahan for more detailed information

(Reminder: Professional Development Funds application deadline, November 1 http://extension.oregonstate.edu/internal/ProfessionalDevelopmentFund )

This month's employee news: a birth


Kincade Stephen Fitch - Jamie Fitch, Deschutes office

Personnel Updates

Provided by: UABC-HR

New Hires

  • Jennifer Alexander - Publishing Manager, EESC 

  • Tamara Hill-Tanquist - Technology-assisted Instructional Designer, EESC 

  • Elizabeth Olsen – Accountant 1, Ext. Lincoln Co. 
  • Jeffrey Papke – Education Coordinator, Ext. Crook Co.
  • Jackie Russell – Executive Assistant, Ext. Service Administration 

  • Jeff Sherman – Education Coordinator, Ext. Tillamook Co.

Recruitment Updates: Unclassified

  • #006013 Office Manager – Tillamook County Extension
    Committee Chair: Troy Downing 
    Status: Interviews in progress
  • #0006134 Instructor – Hood River County Extension 

    Committee Chair: Anne Hoisington 

    Status: posted with close date of 10/02/10

Recruitment Updates: Classified

  • #0006009 – Education Program Assistant, Morrow County Extension 

    Committee Chair: Larry Lutcher 

    Status: Interviews in progress
  • #0006102 – Education Program Assistant, Jackson County Extension 

    Committee Chair: Melissa Matthewson 

    Status: Posted with close date of 08/31/2010
  • #0006009 – Education Program Assistant, Morrow County Extension 
    Committee Chair: Larry Lutcher 
    Status: Interviews in progress
  • #0006102 – Education Program Assistant, Jackson County Extension 

    Committee Chair: Melissa Matthewson 
    Status: Posted with close date of 08/31/2010

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