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2010 Report of Accomplishments and Plan of Work Results

The OSU Extension Service 2010 Report of Accomplishments (ROA) and the 2012 Plan of Work (POW) were submitted to and approved by our federal partner, NIFA/USDA. If you are
interested in viewing either the ROA or the POW, you can go to http://extension.oregonstate.edu/employees/administrative-resources/plans-budgets-reports

Thanks to each of you who made a contribution to the submission. Your individual contribution came through SOARS, Extension’s electronic Stories, Outcomes, and Accomplishments Reporting System. I’m happy to announce that SOARS provided nearly a 100% of the information needed to complete the federal ROA and POW. Overall, the quality of the information within SOARS has greatly improved since you began reporting in 2007. As an organization, we have a few areas where attention is needed. For example, the impact statements should be more of a summary, not the complete evaluation report, with “Impacts of the Program” reporting knowledge gained, behavior changed, practices adopted, or economic, environmental or social benefits achieved. I am confident that as we continue to emphasize the importance of reporting in SOARS and how your impact statements are used throughout the year to tell the Extension success story, faculty members will make every effort to report their best work as an impact statement.

Interesting facts that I discovered about you in SOARS includes:

  • 130 impacts statements were submitted for 2010
    I depended heavily on the impact statements to complete the federal report; these provided the best examples of the difference your work made. If you conducted a program evaluation that resulted in knowledge gained, actions taken or behaviors changed, you will want to also complete an impact statement. This section of SOARS is our most valuable resource for creating marketing materials, news stories, talking points and general reports for use with our stakeholders and the public. (Oh, and if you’re wondering, I did read all 130 impact statements.)
  • 334 grants were awarded in 2010, resulting in nearly $52 million of revenue; a 69% increase in new revenues coming to Extension during the past 12 months
    The grants varied in size from a few thousand dollars to several in the million-plus figure. If you are serving as a PI, please add new grants to SOARS when awarded. Leveraging state dollars is one of the key objectives that our state funders use to measure Extension’s success.
  • 138 scholarly publications were authored by Extension faculty in 2010
    The medium and the review processes varied greatly, but the creative and communicated. Scholarship continues to be a core value of the academy and the Provost asks annually for a listing of Extension-authored publications. If you are the lead author of a publication, please remember to list it in SOARS when it is accepted for publication.
  • 136 awards were earned by Extension faculty and staff in 2010
    Congratulations to all who were honored. It is a continued privilege to work with such a dedicated and high performing group of people.
  • 18,222 volunteers helped with Extension outreach
    You believe that Extension can achieve greater results and build community capacity with the help of volunteers. It is obvious that you value the public good that comes from collaborating with volunteers.
  • 2,163,893 Oregonians engaged at some level with Extension during 2010
    The POW and the ROA express your continued commitment to the state’s residents, communities and businesses. You worked hard to help Oregonians and I am confident that will continue and even expand during these current tough economical times. Thank you!

I was very pleased with what I learned about you and the quality of your work through SOARS. What I like best about SOARS is its role as a data base for easy and timely retrieval of information about the successes of OSU Extension faculty and staff. SOARS gives me and other Extension administrators the most accurate, up-to-date information for representing you with our stakeholders, from elected officials to university administrators to the news media. As Extension field faculty know, SOARS is also critical in the PROF evaluation process. Your help in keeping SOARS current and relevant will help OSU Extension move forward in a positive and meaningful manner.

Retiree Issues Corner

This article is brought to you by Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP). Future articles on getting ready for retirement, retirement issues or early career staff preparing for retirement will appear in this newsletter from the ESP Retiree Issues Committee. For more information contact Tammy Skubinna (Skuby1@comcast.net) or Nellie Oehler (oehlershrops@gmail.com).


Retirement: A Career Transition

Retiring from one’s current position does not automatically mean entering a traditional retirement lifestyle, where the main focus of one’s life is on rest and leisure. A traditional retirement lifestyle is but one of many options open to the enlightened person who is transitioning from his/her current employment...Today's...pre-retirees are looking to find more personal PURPOSE in their lives than they ever had before. They want something new, something different, perhaps something novel and certainly something interesting at deep personal levels.

People approaching their first retirement transition need exactly the same process of self-analysis and sound consultation that they would receive from a competent career consultant if they were going through a job change. As job changers need to generate their career options in a clear and understandable way, so too, pre-retirees need the same “options generation” process but with slightly different content, slightly different goals, and an entirely different purpose…they need choices.

...the 15 factors shown to be crucial for retirees to come to a comprehensive personal
understanding of themselves...are:

  1. Career Reorientation: Let Go
  2. Retirement Value: Reframe Your Attitudes
  3. Personal Empowerment: Take Charge
  4. Physical Wellness: Grow Well
  5. Monetary Adequacy: Find Your Wealth
  6. Quality of Life – Present: Seek Peace
  7. Quality of Life – Future: Have Dreams
  8. Spirituality/Meaning: Construct Purpose
  9. Respect for Leisure: Have Fun
  10. Personal Flexibility: Welcome Change
  11. Lifespan Spiritual Development: Live Now
  12. Care giving Responsibilities: Honor Yourself
  13. Home Life: Get Connected
  14. Maturation Vitality: Become Ageless
  15. Replacement of Work Functions: Get Going

This information is from an article called “Retirement 360...A View from All Angles”
at http://www.retirement360.com

News from OSU Libraries

News from OSU Libraries
Bonnie Avery 
on behalf of Tiah Edmunson-Morton and the OSU Archives

Pack your bags, time to do some Flickr Commons travel! We can thank county extension agents for marvelous reports detailing the activities in the 36 counties in Oregon over the past hundred years, but also for the pictures they took. These record the rural and urban life in Oregon over the last one hundred years. So this summer, instead of travelling the globe, we’re using this season to travel the state via Extension Services   (http://www.flickr.com/photos/osucommons/collections/72157626264434323/)!

Since there are 36 counties and only 12 weeks June through August, we’ve decided to release a new set from a region in the state each Wednesday. We start with Linn & Benton counties (http://www.flickr.com/photos/osucommons/sets/72157626690353945/).  See if anything looks familiar.  Thanks to our great student worker for all their scanning – lots of new additions to the digital collections!

Meanwhile, there’s always more to say, so if you want more to read check out Tiah’s blog post: http://wpmu.library.oregonstate.edu/osu_archives/2011/06/02/happy-birthd....  Also keep your eye out for the release of Laura Soules Cray’s new digital exhibit to celebrate the centennial (due for release in the next month).

New Online Exhibit Celebrates Centennial of OSU Extension

We are honoring the 100th birthday of OSU Extension through a newly launched on-line exhibit Oregon State University Extension Service: 100 Years of Putting Knowledge to Work. Laura Cray, a graduate student in the History of Science program at OSU and former OSU Libraries employee, curated this exhibit.  The hundreds of images were scanned by other student workers.    The Archives blog has more information on the exhibit and there is more about the centennial on the Extension site.

Source: Faye Chadwell, University Librarian and Oregon State University Press Director


Promotions for Extension Faculty to Professor, Associate Professor, or Senior Instructor

Congratulations to the following OSU Extension Faculty for their promotion to Professor, Associate Professor, or Senior Instructor, (and in some cases, the award of indefinite tenure) effective July 1, 2011.  Their promotion follows rigorous analysis of their dossiers by peers and administration at several levels of the University, as well as external reviewers.  We applaud their success and take pride in the accomplishments of our Extension faculty.


Promoted to Professor

Mary Arnold, Human Development and Family Sciences, 4-H

Mary Corp, Crop and Soil Science, Umatilla County

Molly Engle, Adult and Higher Education Leadership, Extension Administration

Shelby Filley, Animal Sciences, Douglas County


Promoted to Associate Professor with Award of Indefinite Tenure

Sam Angima, Crop and Soil Science, Lincoln County/Extension Administration

Carolyn Ashton, Human Development and Family Sciences, Benton County

Michael Flowers, Crop and Soil Science

Silvia Rondon, Crop and Soil Science, HAREC Umatilla County

Debera Schreiber, Human Development and Family Sciences, Wallowa County

David Shaw, Forest Engineering, Resources and Management


Promoted to Senior Instructor

Nicholas Andrews, Horticulture, NWREC Clackamas County

Nina Roll, Human Development and Family Sciences, Lincoln County

Nicole Strong, Forest Ecosystems and Society, Benton County

Western Regional award winners for the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA)

Dear Colleagues:

As president of our local affiliate I am excited to announce the following Western Regional award winners for the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA). Regional award winners will be recognized at the 2011 NAE4-HA Conference in Omaha, NE this October. In addition, all regional winners will be forwarded to the national level competition.

Excellence in Camping Award (Individual)

Lynette Black, Hood River County

Excellence in Teen Programming (Team)

Shawna Withee, Harney County

Maxine Day, Grant County

Periodical Publication (Team)

Wendy Hein, Clackamas County

Janet Nagele, Clackamas County

Jan Williams, Clackamas County

Kelly Redwine, Clackamas County

Trisha Applebee, Clackamas County

Published Photo

Robin Galloway, Linn County

Congratulations to all!

Mary Arnold
Associate Professor | 4-H Youth Development Specialist
Program Research and Evaluation
Department of Human Development and
Family Sciences (HDFS)

Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences

2011 ACE Critique and Awards

Oregon State University Award Winners

  • Gold Awards
    • Best Innovative Use of Communication Technology
      • Chris LaBelle, Aaron Senecal, Nick Piatt, Tree Tour iPhone Application
    • Feature Photo
      • Lynn Ketchum, Pest Quest
    • Picture Story
      • Lynn Ketchum, Urban Rural Exchange
    • Four-Color Popular Publications
      • Mark Anderson-Wilk, Tom Weeks, Trees to Know in Oregon
  • Silver Awards
    • Promotional Writing
      • Steve Dodrill, Economic Impact
    • Electronic Publications
      • Mark Anderson-Wilk, Bacterial Canker of Sweet Cherry in Oregon


Presentations by Oregon State University Faculty

  • Jennifer Alexander, Jeff Hino, Bryan Mayjor
    • Managing Multimedia Projects: A Team Approach to Extension Publishing
  • Michael Coe (CLR), Alice Formiga, John McQueen, Alexandra Stone
    • Public Webinars: Technology, Strategies and Evaluation
  • Alice Formiga, Matt Jager, Roger Leigh, John McQueen, Alexandra Stone
    • Building, Maintaining and Sustaining Private and Public Web Content through a Multisite Drupal Environment
  • Alice Formiga, Matt Jager, Roger Leigh, John McQueen, Alexandra Stone
    • Facilitating Group Communication, Planning, Collaboration, and Web Publication
  • Ariel Ginsburg , Tom Merrill (LSU)
    • Diversity SIG Annual Business Meeting
  • Jeff Hino
    •  Prezi: A Nonlinear Alternative to Death By Powerpoint
  • Lynn Ketchum
    • Savory Images and the Quest for New Audiences: Lessons Learned from the Traveling Exhibit
  • Dave King and Jeanne Gleason (New Mexico State University)
    •  Surviving Budget Cuts: New Partnerships, New Money
  • Dave King and Chris La Belle
    •  Driving Content to a Mobile Platform: Are We Killing the Internet in the Process?
  • Dave King, Don Poucher (University of Florida)
    • Evaluating a Latin American Digital Distance Learning System
  • Chris La Belle, Ray Kimsey (NCSU), James McVann (NMSU)
    •  Mobile Technology and Extension’s Audience: Lessons Learned
  • Tamara Hill-Tanquist, Chris La Belle, Bryan Mayjor
    •  Overhauling Your Extension Web Presence to Reach a 21st-Century Audience
Glenn Ahrens Named Oregon Society of American Forester of the Year

The Clatsop and Tillamook County Oregon State University Extension Forester Glenn Ahrens has been honored as Forester of the Year by the Oregon Society of American Foresters. The Forester of the Year is presented annually to a member of the Oregon society recognized by peers for contributing to both the profession and their community.

Glenn's professional career spans 29 years. As extension forester he focuses on the ecology and management of hardwood trees like alder and on streamside tree planting and restoration. He offers the "Basic Forestry Short Course" and "Master Woodland Manager/Resource Management" planning series to the Small Woodland Associations in Clatsop and Tillamook Counties. He spearheads a number of community outreach efforts including an annual Community Leaders Tour and a workshop "Ties to the Land--Keeping Farms and Forestland in the Family from Generation to Generation."

Glenn was recently awarded the OSU College of Forestry's Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Extended and Continuing Education for his co-development of the "How to Manage Your Forest" website. The website received the GOLD award from the Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals.

Source: http://www.flashalert.net/news.html?id=3027



Oregon State University 4-H Hall of Fame Honors Three Volunteers

Three Oregon State University 4-H volunteers have been chosen for the
4-H Hall of Fame and will be recognized at the OSU Extension 4-H Summer Conference
June 25 on campus.

The inductees are George and Glendel Campbell of Canby and Miriam Lowrie of Salem. They join 144 others who have had a significant impact upon the 4-H Youth Development Program and its members and leaders.

In Clackamas County 4-H, the Campbells stand out for their impact on educational programs, volunteer leadership and fundraising. They helped make the 4-H horse program better for an estimated 4,500 Clackamas County 4-H members and they started and led the Bit ‘N Bridle 4-H Club for 25 years.

George Campbell has organized educational clinics for more than 14 years and was the State Fair trail coordinator for many years; Glendel has been treasurer of the Clackamas County 4-H Horse Advisory group for 20 years. The Campbells have been recognized many times by the Clackamas County 4-H Program and have been awarded the Distinguished Service Award and the Friends of 4-H Award.

Lowrie began her Extension career in Hood River County in 1971, then transferred to Yamhill County and ended her Extension career in Polk County after 22 years. She continues to support the 4-H program as a resource leader, award donor and judge.

Lowrie encourages youth and leaders to stretch their capabilities. She has a strong home economics background and as an Extension agent also support the other areas of 4-H, from chickens to ceramics, and from leadership to llamas. With Lowrie's encouragement, Polk County became the first and only county in the state to have a 4-H Eye Vision Club, where participants learn about eyes and eye disease, and perform community service through organizing eye exams at local schools and collecting and shipping used eyeglasses to developing countries.

By Judy Scott, 541-737-1386, judy.scott@oregonstate.edu

Source: Helen Pease, 541-737-1314, helen.pease@oregonstate.edu

OSU Extension Service Cooperator Award - Nominations Deadline Extended to October 1

Each year, OSUEA and ESP honor individuals and businesses who have made significant contributions to Extension programs. It is through these cooperators that Extension is able to accomplish so much. To eliminate duplication of efforts, OSUEA has partnered with our ESP affiliate. We have combined their "Friends of Extension" award with our "OSUEA Cooperator Award" to create the "OSU Extension Service Cooperator Award" (sponsored by OSUEA). One of our winners can then potentially go on to receive national ESP recognition in their Friend of Extension category

Take time now with your staff to nominate someone for this award. The recognition and honor of being named a "2011 OSU Extension Service Cooperator" is a small reward for the time, energy, and dedication a volunteer gives. Every program area in every county, and statewide, has several individuals and businesses who are "you can count on" cooperators. Now is the time to nominate them for this recognition.

(NOTE: At the OSUEA Board meeting on July 6 it was decided that there would not be an awards program this fall and that the awards would (most probably) be given out at spring training this coming year.  Therefore we are extending the deadline to October 1, 2011 (from July 15) for cooperator award nominations.)

Nomination procedures

  1. Administrators, specialists, agents, and support staff discusses potential nominees for one or more categories.
  2. Prepare a nomination.  (see application below)
  3. Send in the nomination by October 1, 2011 (or sooner!). Send nominations electronically to: deb.schreiber@oregonstate.edu
  4. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Deb Schreiber or John Williams (541-426-3143), co-chairs of the OSUEA and ESP Awards Committees.

If you are thinking of nominating someone, and don’t think you will have the nomination done by October 1 , please send us (me and/or John Williams) a note that says this, and we will know that your nomination is coming.

OSU Extension Service Cooperator Award Nomination Application


Name of Applicant:

Applicant’s Title:

Applicant’s Address:

Applicant’s E-mail Address:

Applicant’s Phone Number:


____ Elected Official

____ Extension Volunteer

____ Professional/Business Leader

____ Business/Organization

Nominator’s Name:

Nominator’s Title:

Nominator’s E-mail:

Please describe the nominees’ contribution to Extension using the following criteria:

The nomination is limited to 2 pages.

  1. Brief Background of applicant
  2. Involvement in Extension Efforts
  3. Specific Extension Relationships leading to major efforts
  4. Results of the efforts on behalf of Extension
  5. Value of contribution to those who benefited from the effort

Return the completed nomination to:  deb.schreiber@oregonstate.edu

Nominations are due by: October 1, 2011

**If you have questions regarding the application, please call either of the co-chairs, John Williams or Debi Schreiber (both in Wallowa County) 541-426-3143.

ESP Call for Award Nominations - Deadline Extended to October 1

It is time to summit nominations for the Oregon Extension ESP awards.  All award nominations are due October 1 (extended from July 15).  Applications should be submitted electronically - contact Debi Schreiber for the nomination form. If you have any questions regarding these awards contact Debi Schreiber or John Williams (541-426-3143).

(Note: At the OSUEA Board meeting on July 6 it was decided that there would not be an awards program this fall and that the awards would (most probably) be given out at spring training this coming year.  Since the ESP awards are given out at the same time this allows us to give more time for nominations. Therefore we are extending the deadline to October 1, 2011 for nominations for Oregon ESP awards.)

 Award winning applications from
Oregon will be forwarded on for regional consideration. 

Nomination Categories:

  • Meritorious Support Staff
  • Early Career (<10 yrs)
  • Mid Career (10-20 yrs.)
  • DSA (over 20 yrs)
  • Continued Service (previous DSA winners)
  • Retiree Service
  • Team
  • Administrative Leadership
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Diversity/Multi-cultural (Ind.)
  • Diversity/Multi-cultural (Team)
  • International Service

What is ESP?
Epsilon Sigma Phi is the National Extension Professional’s Organization.  Membership in the Gamma Chapter (Oregon) consists of current and retired faculty and professional staff of OSU who have held full or part time Extension appointments for three or more full years, who have displayed a cooperative and helpful attitude toward colleagues, who have demonstrated competency in assigned fields of responsibility and who have exhibited ability in educational techniques essential for an effective Extension program. Contact Jim Reeb for more information on membership or to pay your dues through OSUEA.

Why should I belong to ESP?
Not only does ESP provide a professional affiliation for Extension professionals, it provides scholarships, grants, and recognition for professional development. Active ESP members enjoy the FELLOWSHIP of their colleagues from all areas of Extension and they can receive MONEY to help them achieve their professional goals, as well as state and national RECOGNITION for the fine work they do. Conference presenters, national committee members, and voting delegates may also receive a stipend to help with their attendance at the national ESP conference where they can enhance their PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Joys, Sorrows, and Well-Wishes


Elvira Bedolla (Extension, Marion County) and Antonio Alvarez were married on May 28th in Salem


Caroline Cannon passed away June 23rd. Caroline was a Home Economics faculty for OSU Extension in the metro area for many years.  She lived in Vancouver near her daughter Jael and three grandchildren. A memorial service will be announced later.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that a donation be made in her name to a local charity that benefits children and families.

Jael would appreciate anyone sharing their memories of Caroline’s Extension career. Please contact:

Jael would appreciate anyone sharing their memories of Caroline’s Extension career.

Please contact:
Jael Thompson
PO Box 821182
Vancouver, WA 98682

Summer 2011 Online Technology Trainings

Format:  Online technology training via Adobe Connect

Office 2010 - Overview

An introduction to the new features available in Office 2010. Includes an overview of Word, Outlook, and Excel. 

Fri., September 9, 10-11 a.m.

Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/course_view.php?crse_id=276&showHidden=true

Outlook 2010

An in-depth look at new features in Outlook 2010, including Conversation View, Quick Steps, Mail Tips, and a number of other new elements. We’ll also explore new scheduling views in the calendar.

Thurs., August 11, 10-11 a.m.
Tues., September 13, 10-11 a.m.

Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/course_view.php?crse_id=277&showHidden=true

PowerPoint 2010 - Basics

Learn to create a simple presentation with speaker’s notes; Introduces the slide master; Learn to add and manipulate text and graphics and use a few special effects; Will also briefly highlight what’s new and different in this version of PowerPoint.

Thurs., July 21, 10-11 a.m.

Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/session_view.php?sess_id=1586

PowerPoint 2010 - Intermediate

This session is directed to people who must regularly create or edit PowerPoint presentations. It will include more about modifying the Slide Master, adding and manipulating objects, adding special effects, and using hyperlinks and action buttons.

Tues., August 23, 10-11 a.m.

Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/session_view.php?sess_id=1587

Excel 2010 - Introduction

This course is an introduction to using Excel - formatting workbooks, creating formulas and functions, and basic charts.

Wed., August 17, 10-11 a.m.
Fri., September 16, 9-10 a.m.

Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/course_view.php?crse_id=280&showHidden=true

Adobe Acrobat Professional X - What's New

Introduction to the newest version of Adobe Acrobat – Version X. Learn where your familiar commands have gone in the new interface. Topics will include creating and editing .pdf files, adding headers, inserting bookmarks, setting simple links, and adding security to your pdf.

Wed., August 3, 10-11 a.m.

Register at: http://oregonstate.edu/training/session_view.php?sess_id=1590

Pre-register for these classes by contacting Karen Watte (karen.watte@oregonstate.edu) or Isaac Magana (isaac.magana@oregonstate.edu) or by registering directly at the website noted under each session description. If your office would like to schedule group training on one of these topics on a different date, please contact us.

You will receive log-in information at least 2 days prior to the session. All classes are held via Adobe Connect. You will need a computer that has Flash Player 10.1 (loaded on all OSU computers) and an Internet connection.

Recordings of previous trainings can be found at: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/internal/computing/recorded-training-sessions.

Looking for more intensive short courses on specific computer applications or advanced techniques? Check out the online Ed2Go classes through OSU E-Campus. http://www.ed2go.com/oregonstate/

Personnel Updates

Provided by: UABC-HR

New Hires

  • Danita Macy, Coordinator – SNAP-ED Program, Warm Springs
  • Sara Smith, Warm Springs Reservation
  • Linda White, Instructor - Coos County
  • Anne Holmstrom, Education Program Assistant 1, Hood River County


  • None


  • Rachel Snyder, Benton County
  • Steve Norberg, Malheur County
  • Barbi Riggs, Crook County
  • Amy Wechter, Lincoln County
  • Sarah Williver, Deschutes County
  • Isaac Magana, Extension Computer Services

Recruitment Updates: Unclassified

  • #0006643 Instructor – Marion Co. Ext.
    Committee Chair:  Debra Driscoll
    Status: Offer pending
  • #0007779 Instructor – Clackamas Co. Ext.
    Committee Chair:
    Status: Closed 08/15/2011

Recruitment Updates: Classified

  • #0007701 – Education Program Assistant 1 (9 month), Columbia County
    Committee Chair:  Jenny Rudolph
    Status: Offer pending
  • #0007709 – Seed Certification Aide 2 (Seasonal), Umatilla County
    Committee Chair: Randy Mills
    Status: Posted with close date of 7/22/11
  • #0007830 – Early Childhood Education Teacher, Jackson County (Limited Duration)
    Committee Chair: Anne Manlove
    Status: Closed 08/28/2011
  • #0007831 – Early Childhood Education Assistant, Jackson County (Limited Duration)
    Committee Chair: Anne Manlove
    Status: Closed 08/28/2011
  • #0007883 – Education Program Assistant 1, Deschutes County (Prineville)
    Committee Chair: Glenda Hyde
    Status: Closed 09/01/2011
  • #0007885 – Education Program Assistant 1, Deschutes County (Bend)
    Committee Chair: Glenda Hyde
    Status: Closed 09/01/2011
  • #0007918 – Office Specialist  1 – Washington County
    Committee Chair: Sandra Collinger
    Status: Close date 09/09/2011
  • #0007899 – Education Program Assistant 1 – Lane Area (Intermittent)
    Committee Chair: John Punches
    Status: Close date 09/09/2011