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September 2012 (print-friendly version)

Imagine a Truly 21st Century Public University

Imagine what a truly 21st Century public university will become.

It will be a place that models engagement. At some universities we've been practicing outreach for as long as 100 years, but what about true engagement? A truly 21st Century public university is a place made up of faculty members and leaders who listen as much as we talk, who learn as much as we teach. It will be a place of open access that shares as much as it protects. Our strategic goals center on expanded Access to learning, improved reciprocal Partnerships, and the new vision of Scholarship that flows from reaching these goals.

A truly 21st Century public university will be a place that understands the value of our inherent competitive advantage in the information marketplace—that being our decades of successful face-to-face education, problem solving and learning.

It will be a place that understands the need to compete head-on with major competitors. Competition with whom, you ask? Think of this, when will we see a yet-to-be education-information conglomerate, like Google/Phoenix? An possibility proposed more than ten years ago by our colleague Richard Katz at Educause. Who else takes on a competitor with combined resources like that effectively? A truly 21st Century public university does and wins. Why? Because we focus on the learner. The truly 21st Century public university listens to the needs of our learners and adapts to their expectations. Are we still the “experts?” Of course, but our expertise includes developing all pathways and partnerships to help our learners become more successful.

Imagine a university where instruction covers the continuum from individual interaction with professors to many, many students learning together and interacting with world-class experts on campus and off. Where blended courses are the norm and most students culminate their formal instruction off campus working from within the business, or non-profit, or corporate, or community location that they will continue in after graduation.

Picture this: more than half the total student population is off campus advancing toward their degrees while working professionally full-time. Where what we know from decades of working with people in their personal and professional communities actually instructs our on campus learning opportunities, as well as adapting our off campus Outreach work.

Imagine a university where our continually developing expertise in online and blended education is a foundation to offer dramatically expanded access to learning through massive online open classes—open to all who can use the information to improve their lives, as well as open access to learning modules that can be assembled into truly individual learning opportunities. Access to learning and education will expand with both massive access as well as customized opportunities that address individual needs.

Imagine a university where research is truly discovery and provides access to data and information in broad and open forums that include both students and professionals in their discipline.

We have educated so many people in the past centuries, that citizen ability to understand and analyze raw information generated by discovery is strong. Open and transparent access to the knowledge base of the university fueled by democratized technologies means more citizen science, more individualized adaptation, less waiting for journals to validate.

Publishing in recognized scientific journals is still critical, but as much innovation is vetted by users in a vast community of experts on-campus and off who contribute to global solutions in a collaborative and sometimes real-time fashion. Where citizen science is recognized as having value. Where open science and crowd-sourced problem solving become effective tools in our research world. Where a research agenda is built by listening to the ultimate users of our science and solutions. An example that is beginning to be adapted by other public universities is the 100-year old network Land-Grant universities have built and nurtured a made of learners in more than 3,000 communities around the country and a myriad of other partners and stakeholders.

Imagine a university where outreach focuses on engaging and enabling communities—both of place and of interest. Where the new paradigm is not one of distribution of information but one of providing access to information; true and unfettered access to the university-knowledgebase. This will be built on universities that truly listen to members of communities to understand their backgrounds, how the community was formed, and the context of their needs. Listening as much as we talk.

Where we create a spectrum of access that starts with raw data, then leads to outreach learning modules and continues to full credit courses. Where we act as curators providing context and rationale for the solutions available. Our spectrum of access may look like this.

Where a semantic Web-environment is built that provides unique and customized access to data and information in ways that shift to effectively meet the needs of individuals. Where the university serves as a convener of partners to solve problems…as much as the unique expert of the past. Where the university is a navigator in the vast sea of digital knowledge.

Imagine a university where libraries are centers of knowledge management and development. Where librarians are decentralized partners in all disciplines who provide the expertise to tag and link information at the ground level so that it is accessible in ways that have yet to be invented in the digital world.

Imagine a university that fosters life-long learning so that students are true learners who never assume they have finished their education. Where student/learners move to an off-campus professional environment assuming they will maintain a learning connection to their home campus for new ideas and solutions to the challenges they face in their professional lives, and beyond.

A truly 21st Century public university—continuing to fulfill its long standing mandate to provide access to the knowledge base of the university in ways that other universities are only now learning—will be all these things and more. It will as different from its competitors and pretenders as it was at its inception. It will be the foundation for every new innovation that can be dreamed by the best and brightest both on campus and off.

Dave King
Associate Provost
Outreach and Engagement


New Name for Region 3

Based on feedback and input from the faculty and staff of Region 3, Upper Columbia has been renamed Columbia Plateau, to better reflect their region.

Region 3 includes Gilliam, Morrow, Sherman, Wheeler, and Umatilla counties.

Extension Administration Staff Assignments

Extension Administration is fully staffed again. The following list of who does what is also posted on the Extension Employee Contact Us web page. As always, If you're not sure whom to contact, just give us a call, 541-737-2711, and we'll help you out.

Drea (Andrea) Zigler, Administrative Program Assistant, 1.0FTE

  • New hire business cards and name badges
  • Find People (website) changes
  • Staff directory updates
  • Marketing and promotional items
  • O&E/Extension spring training and conference coordination
  • Fiscal support; invoices, index reconciliation and budget support
  • Professional Development Fund & Committee
  • Extension ConnEXTion newsletter coordination

Denise Ashley, Administrative Program Assistant, 1.0FTE (.60FTE Extension Admin, .40FTE WEDA/N4-HC)

  • Outlook global email list changes
  • PROF process
  • County operations support
  • Safety committee support
  • Regional Administrator support (civil rights reviews, safety committee)
  • County leader webinars
  • Website updates
  • Telecom coordinator
  • Support the Executive Director of WEDA and Executive Director of Extension & National 4-H Council Relations (.40FTE contract funding)

Kim Tarrant, Assistant to Associate Provost & Associate Director, 1.0FTE

  • Assoc. Provost & Assoc. Director support, meeting schedules
  • Program Council support
  • Off-campus faculty recruitment support
  • Assist County Operations Coordinator with unclassified faculty and staff general HR activities in consultation with UABC-HR
  • CRIS Reporting
  • NIMMS Management
  • Retiree list management
  • Teaching evaluation forms and process
  • Supervise student employees

Jackie Russell, Executive Assistant, 1.0FTE

  • Vice Provost & Director support, meeting schedules
  • Budget oversight
  • Signature approvals
  • Meeting coordination and support: O&E Cabinet, O&E Council, O&E Executive Team, CL/RA webinars
  • Extension Citizen Advisory Network (ECAN)
  • Legislature
  • Out-of-state travel authorizations
  • Supervise Extension Administration support staff
  • Special projects
  • Building manager for Ballard Hall

Marcia Dickson, County Operations Coordinator, 1.0FTE

  • Faculty recruitments
  • Unclassified faculty and staff general HR activities in consultation with UABC-HR (position descriptions, fxed-term renewal letters)
  • Policies and procedures development
  • County operations special assignments
  • Contracts/MOU's (service district agreements, county contracts)
  • Civil rights coordination
  • Safety committee coordination
  • Staff development/training
  • UABC liaison (and UABC Advisory Board member)
  • ECTU liaison

Karen Watte, Training Specialist, .50FTE Extension Admin, .50FTE Ecampus

  • Develop and conduct trainings
  • Facilitate training opportunities from external trainers
  • Develop online learning modules

Student Employees

  • Crystal Hines: Extension ConnEXTion newsletter support, WEDA website (contract funded)
  • Itzy Magana: Teaching evaluations and general office support
OSUEA/OAEA Extension Staff, Faculty, and Retiree Dinner

Join us for a night of fun, conversation and a delicious meal featuring many Oregon State University products. Don’t miss this opportunity to get together with your friends and colleagues in an informal, social setting at the Benton County Fairgrounds (110 SW 53rd Street, Corvallis, OR).

Dinner starts at 6:30pm and is part of the 2012 Outreach & Engagement Strategic Conference.

eXtension Honors OSU Extension Employees with "Be Grow Create Outstanding Institutional Team Member Award"

eXtension has honored several OSU Extension employees with the Be Grow Create Outstanding Institutional Team Member Award, which will be presented to Jeff Hino on behalf of the team at the National eXtension Conference in Oklahoma City in October.

The OSU Institutional Team members include:

  • Steve Dodrill, co-chair
  • Jeff Hino
  • Chris Labelle
  • Dana Martin
  • John McQueen
  • Alex Stone
  • Lucas Turpin
  • Karen Zimmermann
  • …and in fond memory, Mark Anderson-Wilk, co-chair
Colleagues Published in the Journal of Extension

Congratulations to our OSU Extension colleagues who have articles published in the August 2012 issue of the Journal of Extension (JOE):



ESP Call for Award Nominations

It is time to submit nominations for the Oregon Extension ESP awards. All award nominations are due October 8th. Applications should be submitted electronically to Deb Schreiber. Please see the award applications below, and contact Debi Schreiber or John Williams (541-426-3143) if you have any questions regarding these awards.

 The categories are:

  • Meritorious Support Staff
  • Team
  • Early Career (<10 yrs.)
  • Administrative Leadership
  • Mid Career (10-20 yrs.)
  • Visionary Leadership
  • DSA (over 20 yrs.)
  • Diversity/Multi-cultural (Ind.)
  • Continued Service (previous DSA winners)
  • Diversity/Multi-cultural (Team)
  • Retiree Service
  • International Service

The award nomination application and descriptions are available for download in Word document format.  Excel worksheets of the 2012 award chart and 2011 ESP membership list are also included for your reference.  

OSU Extension Association Award Nominations due October 5th

The OSUEA Awards Committee is soliciting nominations for specific awards which were not given at Spring Training 2012.  Additionally, there are sufficient funds to award a second round of Hoecker Grants also.  These awards will be announced at the O & E Conference October 29th – November 1st

Categories open for nominations are:

OSU Extension Service Awards

OSUEA Hoecker Grants Program Awards

The service awards come with a cash award and represent significant recognition for achievement.  The Hoecker Grant awards are for a maximum of $3000.  The nomination/application process is fairly easy.  The criteria for all awards is available on the web links listed above.  Completed nominations must be received by email or regular mail/fax by October 5th, 5:00 pm to:

Carole Smith, OSUEA Awards Chair 
OSU Extension Service - Union County
10507 N. McAlister Road
La Grande, OR 97850

Hope to see your nominations/applications soon!

(Other OSUEA Awards will be open for nominations at a later time and will be awarded at Spring Training 2013).

2012 University Outreach and Engagement Strategic Conference, October 29-31

It's time celebrate achievements and look toward "Advancing the Engagement Mission" at the 2012 Outreach and Engagement Conference, October 29-31, CH2M Hill Alumni Center, Corvallis

We are excited to open the conference with keynote speakers Dr. Barbara Holland and Dr. Judith Ramaley, both leaders in the area of community engagement and faculty at Virginia Tech’s Engagement Academy. They will address three of University Outreach and Engagement’s strategic areas that are critical for advancing our engagement mission: Integration, culture, and scholarship.


The Outreach and Engagement Conference registration site opens on September 28 and is open until Monday, October 15.

Event Schedule

Monday, Oct 29

  • Vice Provost Awards for Excellence Luncheon
  • Keynote: Dr. Barbara Holland and Dr. Judith Ramaley
  • Response: Kate Hunter-Zarworski, OSU Faculty Senate President
  • OSU Faculty Panel: Integration, Culture and Scholarship with Anita Azarenko, Mark Edwards, Maria Chavez-Haroldson
  • Reception
  • OSUEA Extension Faculty, Staff, Retiree Dinner (Benton County Fairgrounds)

Tuesday, Oct 30

  • The Evolving Role of Extension in the Academy: Extension and the Academy’s Mission of Discovery, Learning & Engagement
  • Role of Community in Extension Programs
  • Breakout Sessions
  • OSUEA Poster Session (refereed and non-refereed)
  • OSUEA Affiliate meeting
  • 4-H & FCH Diversity Dinner meeting

Wednesday, Oct 31

  • OSUEA Breakfast & Search for Excellence
  • Workshop on Annual Review & Promotion and Tenure of Extension Faculty

OSU Extension Association affiliate meetings, program and/or working group meetings

Vistit the conference website for For registration, complete program schedules, and Corvallis lodging.

To register you will need your department billing index. The index will be used only if you select to attend the OSUEA Dinner October 29th, and/or meals on October 31, OSUEA Day. There is no charge for any other event or meals. Outreach and Engagement will cover that expense. The committee hopes this will encourage your participation.

Off Campus Faculty & Staff

Like you, we are trying to stay within our reduced budget. We will continue to cover RT mileage for one vehicle per county. You are responsible for your own room reservations.

Feel free to contact Drea Zigler, 541-737-2713, with any questions.

Extension Skills Webinars

This series of webinars is intended to provide broad based topics that many Extension educators may need to be successful. Please email Jim Lindstrom with other topics that you would find of interest. Each webinar is from 9:00-10:00a.m. Pacific Time, and is avaiable via the WSU Adobe Connect website. Please note that some dates have changed and this is the most up to date listing of webinars in this series through the end of 2012.

Building Community through Extension Programs: October 2, 2012

Debra Hansen, WSU Extension Community and Economic Development Educator

Building partnerships based on synergy, or the idea that by working as a group, individuals can accomplish more than they could alone. Most Extension educators chose to be a part of real and positive community change.

Working with partners can often present significant challenges, including: who gets the credit? how do we share resources? how do I find the time? Each organization brings something unique to a partnership, yet people are afraid of losing identity and control when working together. These differences, however uncomfortable, together with a renewed commitment to impact the lives of people, can lead to lasting success. Different people and organizations can work together to address common interests and concerns.

This session will:

  • Discuss the unique relationships that build social capital and boundary spanning
  • Share thoughts about the role of Extension in forming liaisons
  • Introduce tools to establish and maintain good partnerships

Writing for Your Audience: October 4, 2012

Therese Harris and Dora Rollins, WSU Extension Editors

This webinar focuses on ensuring you write for the intended audience. There's a difference between writing a journal article and writing an extension publication – this webinar helps you tell the difference. Join the writing staff of CAHNRS/WSU Extension Marketing, News and Educational Communications for the webinar.

Ford Institute for Community Building Training Opportunities

Nonprofit Organization Board Trainings

Financial Stewardship Resources educates and empowers nonprofit board members in sound financial, adminstrative and organizational stewardship. Please visit their website to learn more about, or register for one of the these upcoming trainings in a community near you. Participants of the Ford Institute Leadership Program are eligible for a discount.

Check these out:

  • Southern Oregon Nonprofit Board Training (Roseburg): September 29
  • Eastern Oregon Nonprofit Board Training (Pendleton): October 13
  • Board President and Incoming President Training (Independence): November 10

For more information and registration visit the Financial Steward website.

Community Data Training

The Oregon State University Extension Service will come to your community and train people how to use The Rural Communities Explorer (RCE). RCE provides public online access to social, demographic, economic, and environmental information about Oregon and Siskiyou County's rural places. The workshop aimed at city and county leaders, non-profit organizations, businesses, and other engaged people will be presented in a relaxed format that will show participants how to quickly access community indicator data and contextual information on rural communities.

Data from RCE can be used for:

  • Grant writing
  • Business planning
  • Program planning
  • Preparing a presentation
  • Improving personal unerstanding

Arranging this FREE training program in your community is easy:

  • Contact Vince Adams
  • Select a venue with internet access
  • Recruit the audience for the workshop in your community with a provided flyer
  • Vince takes care of the rest by giving the program in your town

Take a look at the Rural Communities Explorer for more information.

Oregon Women in Higher Education 33rd Annual Conference at OSU

Join us for Oregon Women in Higher Education's 33rd annual conference on January 25, 2013 at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

Providing Oregon women the opportunity to meet and share professional knowledge and skills, this conference is well known for its low cost, friendly atmosphere, and valuable sessions. Save the date in your calendar and be sure to tell your colleagues so they can, too!

Registration will open later this Fall with fees of only $125 for staff/faculty, and $50 for students.

Call for Submissions

We invite you to consider presenting to your OWHE colleagues. Please submit your program proposals by October 22, 2012.

A list of presentation topics from previous years is available here.

Our Mission

Oregon Women in Higher Education (OWHE) was founded in 1980 and is affiliated with the American Council on Education's Office of Women in Higher Education. OWHE meets annually as an educational forum of women administrators and faculty. Its goal is to provide Oregon women the opportunity to meet and share professional knowledge and skills.

For more information about OWHE, visit our website.




Rural Conference 2013 Request for Proposal

Be a part of the 2013 Regards to Rural Conference. Help shape the future of rural communities with innovative and inspiring workshop presentations. Rural Development Initiatives (RDI), in partnership with Oregon State University Rural Studies Program and Extension Service, is searching for high impact presenters and programming for the Regards to Rural Conference to be held Friday and Saturday, June 21-22, 2013 at Oregon State University in Corvallis, with pre-sessions on Thursday, June 20.

This is an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise. The Regards to Rural Conference is a unique event that offers educational and skill-building workshops, as well as networking opportunities for community members and leaders throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. The conference theme "Powered by Rural" will renew energy, share practices that work and spark new innovative ideas for strengthening the economic and social vibrancy of rural communities.

Workshop presentations will be selected based on the general appeal of the presentation and fit with the conference areas of focus:

  • Economic Vitality
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Building
  • Organizational Development
  • Youth, Tribal, and Latino
  • Theme of the conference: Powered by Rural

Deadline is October 19, 2012. Proposals will be reviewed with notification by January 1, 2013. Proposals my be submitted via our online form, and applicants may submit proposals for more than one session. For more information, download the RFP guidelines.



Joys, Sorrows, and Well-Wishes


Congratulations to Jessica Hertel and her husband, on the birth of daughter, Kelsey on May 27, 2012.


Glenn Klein, retired 4-H faculty member passed away on August 8, 2012. Glenn started his career as a 4-H agent-at-large. He later moved on as a Jackson County 4-H Agent before taking the position as State 4-H Extension Specialist on the main campus.

Memorial gifts can be made in Glenn's name to Oregon 4-H Foundation, the Beaver Athletic Scholarship Fund, both in care of Oregon State University, First Presbyterian Church-Corvallis, or to a charity of one’s choice. A full obituary is attached.

Dio Morales Appointed as Publishing Manager

Extension and Experiment Station Communications is pleased to welcome our new publishing manager, Dio Morales.

As a member of our Educational Publishing Team, Dio will work with Extension faculty, EESC colleagues, and other partners to produce research-based educational materials.

Before joining EESC, Dio worked as a writer and educational consultant, collaborating with school districts and community groups to develop innovative teaching and learning materials. She has an EdM from Harvard University and an MFA from Oregon State University.



Ballard Hall 1st Floor Office Changes

Extension Administration has said goodbye to friends in UABC with their move to Finley Hall in August, and again as CN staff relocated with their CN group in Valley Library earlier this month (ECTU staff, Victor Villegas, Wayne Jardine and Lisa Gillis remain in 108 Ballard for now). These moves are part of a plan to move service groups to the periphery of campus to make room for classrooms, students, and faculty and staff in the campus core.

We are pleased to welcome the Extension FCH program as they join the 4-H Extension in Ballard, consolidating the College of PHHS Extension programs. These moves will take place as their spaces are made ready - no one moving date is scheduled - please check with 4-H and FCH staff for their current location if you’re planning to meet while on campus.

New Ballard Office Locations: 4-H and FCH

  • 103 - Lena Etuk and Vince Adams
  • 105 - Graduate Students
  • 105B - Jill Murray and Melissa Torgeson
  • 105C - Marilyn Lesmeister
  • 105D - Mary Arnold
  • 105E - New Youth Development Specialist
  • 105F - Kathy Gunter
  • 105G - Marc Braverman
  • 105H - Siew Sun Wong
  • 106 - Helen Pease, Roberta Lundeberg, Lillian Larwood, Sherri Sarver, New Events Assistant, Students
  • 106B - Phone Conference Room
  • 118 - Brenda Draper, Lynette Hawthorne, Carolyn Raab, Janice Smiley, Lauren Tobey, Elaine Schrumpf, Sunita Vasdev, Students, New SNAP faculty.
  • 123 - Mario Magana and Student Employee
  • 125A - Debi Renfro
  • 125B - Roger Rennekamp
  • 125C - Teresa Crowley
  • 125D - Sally Bowman
  • 125E - Tom Eversole
  • 125 - Pati Craven
Employee Benefits Fair, October 4, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012: Employee Benefits Fair.  10am – 2pm, MU Ballroom. These sessions will be streamed live the day/time of the event and also recorded/posted on the Benefits website for later viewing.

Meet with healthcare, pension, and retirement savings providers. Representatives from all of the PEBB Insurance programs will be available as well as representatives from Social Security, PERS Health, Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA) and various OSU resources. Visit the OSU HR website for a complete list of vendors.

PEBB 2013 Open Enrollment Informational Sessions

  • Learn about the 2013 plan changes and changes to the 2013 HEM program. Sean Kolmer, PEBB Board Chair and health policy advisor to Governor Kitzhaber, is also scheduled to attend the informational session.
  • Location: MU 206 Times: 10am-11:30am and 1pm-2:30pm.
  • Seating is limited, so please register to attend (class name is PEBB Open Enrollment Updates).
  • These sessions will be streamed live the day/time of the event and also recorded/posted on the Benefits website for later viewing. Instructions on how to view/login are posted on the Benefits website.

Medical & Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts

  • Learn how enrolling in a flexible spending account can save you money through reduced taxes. Presented by ASIFlex. 9:30am-10am, MU 208. Registration is not required.

Short-term & Long-term Disability Insurance

  • Learn what/how short-term and long-term disability insurance works. Presented by Standard Insurance. 10:15am – 11am, MU 208. Registration is not required.

A, B, Cs, and D of Medicare

  • Learn about Medicare and Medicare Supplemental plans. Presented by Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA). 1pm-3pm, Mu 208. Registration is not required.

Flu Shot Clinic

  • Stop by and get your flu shot before or after visiting the Benefits Fair. Student Health Services will be offering flu shots for faculty and staff between 10am to 3pm in MU 109.

Additional information available on Open Enrollment for 2013 Benefits including plan changes, 2013 HEM program, costs, and help sessions.

Accounts & Technologies Guides

Information Services has developed Accounts & Technologies Guides for new faculty and staff. These guides cover the essentials of OSU accounts, mobile device settings, computing resources, help and consulting resources, classroom technologies, and more. 

Who Should Use This Faculty & Staff Guide?

This OSU Account & Technologies guide is for new OSU employees, including part-time and student employees, who need to get connected to OSU systems such as employee payroll systems and email. Even if you are already connected to one or more OSU systems, we recommend you go through this guide, anyway, just to be sure you've covered the bases.

What Does This Guide Cover?

  • Security issues
  • How to get computing help
  • ONID account setup
  • Exchange account setup
  • Settings for your mobile devices
  • Technology and training resources


Extension's Facebook Presence

Extension's Facebook presence is rocketing with over 1,000 fans. Congratulations and well done, Tiffany and team.

OSU Professional and Noncredit Education's Facebook is now up. We'd love it for your OSU brand page to like our page, where we'll post updates on our services and growing catalog of courses, workshops and certificate programs, and share news about the Oregon State University community.

Thank you for helping us get the word out about PNE!

Personnel Updates

Provided by: UABC-HR

New Hires

  • Clair Catt,141405 - HHS-Ext Fam/CommHlth – Education Program Assistant 1
  • Leonor Chavez, 141421 – HHS-Ext Fam/CommHlth – Education Program Assistant 1
  • Aliesje King, 141426 – HHS- 4-h YouthDev OffCmps – Administrative Program Assist
  • Nova Simpson, 141425 – Ext Morrow County Office – Office Specialist 1
  • Diana Pierce, 141409 – Ext Douglas County Office – Education Project Assistant
  • Megan Chambers, 141402 – Ext Benton County Office – Office Assistant
  • Yolanda De La Cruz, 141435 – Ext Fam/CommHlth OffCmps – Education Program Assistant 1
  • Khadijo Mohamed, 141435 – Ext Fam/CommHlth OffCmps – Education Program Assistant 1
  • Keely Oswald, 141417-Ext Klamath Co Office – Instructor
  • Cheryl Kirk, 141416-Ext Fam/CommHlth OffCmps – Instructor
  • Patricia Herron, 141432-Ext Union County Office – 4-H Program Coordinator
  • Toni Stephan, 141408-AHT –Horticltr Extn Field Fac - Instructor


  • None


  • None

Recruitment Updates: Classified

  • #0009717 – Jackson Co Office
    Education Program Assistant 2
    Committee Chair: Maud Powell
    Status: Under review