County Survey Reveals Large Savings of Staff Time and Money

by Keith Diem & Doug Hart

The OSU Provost recently agreed to invest approximately $500,000 for upgraded networking hardware for improved connectivity of county Extension offices and branch Experiment Stations. To help justify that investment and to demonstrate how Extension has made progress in communication efficiency, a brief survey of county staff chairs and office managers was conducted in July-August regarding the use of Polycom and Adobe Connect from July 2009 through June 2010. We appreciated that 92 percent of counties/sites responded and found the results to be very useful and informative for our organization.

Survey results revealed the following estimates from the 36 counties/sites responding:

  • 1,309 meetings were held using Polycom or Adobe Connect during the past year.
  • As a result, 286,447 less miles were driven to meetings by faculty/staff due to Polycom and Adobe Connect use and 8,980 hours of faculty/staff time was saved in lieu of driving to meetings for the year.

Respondents also shared a variety of helpful comments regarding how Polycom and/or Adobe Connect use has benefitted their offices and its faculty/staff or clientele. The complete report was recently shared with the Information & Communication Technologies Implementation Team and is available upon request.