From the Desk of the Vice Provost & Director, Scott Reed

Scott Reed, Vice Provost and Director
Scott Reed, Vice Provost and Director
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Any way you put it, OSU Extension is in the news—in the backroom, in the coffee shop and in the newspaper. Of course, this is no surprise given the widespread programs and stakeholders of our nearly 100 year-old organization. Most recently, the Bend Bulletin interviewed several of us to develop a published article you can read at

Over the next several months, Extension’s four implementation teams will be working on recommendations to assist our evolution into the next biennium—a two-year period beginning in July, 2011 that many are anticipating will hold the turning point for a recovering economy. But we’re not there yet. While estimates vary, Oregon could be short as much as $3 billion dollars of general funds—approaching a 25 percent shortfall. Thus-once again, we anticipate very difficult planning for such uncertainties, while we have some control over our destiny. Each of the implementation teams is considering how to add efficiencies in their assigned area while enhancing resources through innovation, or better finding market value.

If asked, please provide your best thinking to each of these hard-working groups. Below I’ve identified each team’s focus and the co-chairs of each:

Information and Communication Technologies, Keith Diem and Chris LaBelle
Business Model, Jim Johnson and Willie Riggs
Assessment, Marc Braverman and Pamela Rose
Area Administration, Phil Hamm and Patrick Proden

Thanks to all who are contributing.

Scott Reed, Vice Provost and Director