Extension Marketing - Promotional Items Update

Our centennial year is coming to a close! I want to thank you for taking advantage of the many new centennial promotional items we offered this year. I hope they added some fun to your county and program celebrations. If you are planning future centennial events we still have some of the two centennial stickers (large orange stickers and the smaller white ones) and the bumper stickers available. We will no longer order centennial specific items.

When placing a marketing order it is important that you use the most current order form on the web. You may have noticed Denise Ashley has done a wonderful job of keeping the Marketing Order Form on the website updated to reflect items “on order”, “on sale” or removed from the form if we do not carry them any longer. We have recently added a less expensive orange pen for $.50 each and will be placing an order for the 2012 planners soon. I anticipate the cost will be close to last year’s $2.25. They went quickly so if you anticipate ordering more than 20 for any purpose please send me an email soon so I can order a sufficient quantity.

The current dark gray t-shirt with the orange Extension logo is nearly sold out. We are working on a new design tee shirt with a smaller Extension logo on the left chest and the tag line which we have licensed for the next 5 years, “LIFE. Get good at it.” across the back area. We are considering making them available in both Women’s and Unisex/Mens sizes for better fit and in a dark gray shade. The shirts would increase in price to about $10 with the 2 sided printing and 2 colors (orange and white). Your input is always welcome so feel free to email Vicki Campbell with your comments.

If you have ever have ideas for new promotional items you’d like considered for statewide use please contact Vicki Campbell at Vicki.campbell@oregonstate.edu.