Telling Stories with Numbers: Community Profiles Using Indicator Data

OSU Extension Family and Community Health is pleased to announce a new service to help people better understand their communities by using statistics and other numerical information.  It’s called Telling Stories with Numbers: Community Profiles using Indicator Data and is a workshop aimed at municipal and county officials, non-profit organization staff, members of the business community, and other engaged citizens. Vince Adams of OSU FCH uses community indicator information from the Rural Communities Explorer to facilitate a discussion with workshop participants about where the community has been, where it is now, and where it may be headed. The community topics discussed in the workshop will be determined prior to the event itself, in conversation with workshop hosts and/or other workshop participants. These community profile talks are designed to be facilitated conversations that make looking at data approachable for anyone. 

Telling Stories with Numbers is a terrific opportunity for you, as County Extension faculty, to provide a unique service to your client base, especially local government officials and economic development professionals, by doing any of the following:

  • Identifying and recruiting the audience for these workshops in your communities
  • Selecting the venue and promoting this Extension opportunity

We take care of the rest by customizing and delivering the program in your community.  A flyer for Telling Stories with Numbers is attached.  Call today to discuss how to get involved, fee-for-service options for attendees, and to schedule a presentation!