Update on Provost Funded Infrastructure Upgrades

ECTU spent $732,000 of the 1 million in infrastructure enhancements provided to Extension and the Ag. Experiment Stations during FY 11.  The remaining funds have been rolled over to complete the work outlined.  

Here is a short list of the work completed in FY11:

1) Implemented the majority of the 34 High Def video conferencing units and new TV’s;

2) Upgraded 14 sites to 10 MB network connections;

3) Purchased 22 laptops for faculty with multi-county assignments;

4) Upgraded the core networking components at the majority of sites.   

In FY 12 will spend the remaining funds upgrading 14 more sites from T1 to a faster network connection.  When all of the work is completed, there should only be five Extension and AES offices left on T1, unfortunately there just isn’t anyone that can reach those sites today, but we’ll keep looking!  By early 2012, we should have a robust network and communications infrastructure to the majority of sites around the state. 

NOW IT IS UP TO YOU, the faculty and staff that drive this great program, to make good use of these tools!