Ballard Hall 1st Floor Office Changes

Extension Administration has said goodbye to friends in UABC with their move to Finley Hall in August, and again as CN staff relocated with their CN group in Valley Library earlier this month (ECTU staff, Victor Villegas, Wayne Jardine and Lisa Gillis remain in 108 Ballard for now). These moves are part of a plan to move service groups to the periphery of campus to make room for classrooms, students, and faculty and staff in the campus core.

We are pleased to welcome the Extension FCH program as they join the 4-H Extension in Ballard, consolidating the College of PHHS Extension programs. These moves will take place as their spaces are made ready - no one moving date is scheduled - please check with 4-H and FCH staff for their current location if you’re planning to meet while on campus.

New Ballard Office Locations: 4-H and FCH

  • 103 - Lena Etuk and Vince Adams
  • 105 - Graduate Students
  • 105B - Jill Murray and Melissa Torgeson
  • 105C - Marilyn Lesmeister
  • 105D - Mary Arnold
  • 105E - New Youth Development Specialist
  • 105F - Kathy Gunter
  • 105G - Marc Braverman
  • 105H - Siew Sun Wong
  • 106 - Helen Pease, Roberta Lundeberg, Lillian Larwood, Sherri Sarver, New Events Assistant, Students
  • 106B - Phone Conference Room
  • 118 - Brenda Draper, Lynette Hawthorne, Carolyn Raab, Janice Smiley, Lauren Tobey, Elaine Schrumpf, Sunita Vasdev, Students, New SNAP faculty.
  • 123 - Mario Magana and Student Employee
  • 125A - Debi Renfro
  • 125B - Roger Rennekamp
  • 125C - Teresa Crowley
  • 125D - Sally Bowman
  • 125E - Tom Eversole
  • 125 - Pati Craven