ESP Call for Award Nominations

It is time to submit nominations for the Oregon Extension ESP awards. All award nominations are due October 8th. Applications should be submitted electronically to Deb Schreiber. Please see the award applications below, and contact Debi Schreiber or John Williams (541-426-3143) if you have any questions regarding these awards.

 The categories are:

  • Meritorious Support Staff
  • Team
  • Early Career (<10 yrs.)
  • Administrative Leadership
  • Mid Career (10-20 yrs.)
  • Visionary Leadership
  • DSA (over 20 yrs.)
  • Diversity/Multi-cultural (Ind.)
  • Continued Service (previous DSA winners)
  • Diversity/Multi-cultural (Team)
  • Retiree Service
  • International Service

The award nomination application and descriptions are available for download in Word document format.  Excel worksheets of the 2012 award chart and 2011 ESP membership list are also included for your reference.