Extension Administration Staff Assignments

Extension Administration is fully staffed again. The following list of who does what is also posted on the Extension Employee Contact Us web page. As always, If you're not sure whom to contact, just give us a call, 541-737-2711, and we'll help you out.

Drea (Andrea) Zigler, Administrative Program Assistant, 1.0FTE

  • New hire business cards and name badges
  • Find People (website) changes
  • Staff directory updates
  • Marketing and promotional items
  • O&E/Extension spring training and conference coordination
  • Fiscal support; invoices, index reconciliation and budget support
  • Professional Development Fund & Committee
  • Extension ConnEXTion newsletter coordination

Denise Ashley, Administrative Program Assistant, 1.0FTE (.60FTE Extension Admin, .40FTE WEDA/N4-HC)

  • Outlook global email list changes
  • PROF process
  • County operations support
  • Safety committee support
  • Regional Administrator support (civil rights reviews, safety committee)
  • County leader webinars
  • Website updates
  • Telecom coordinator
  • Support the Executive Director of WEDA and Executive Director of Extension & National 4-H Council Relations (.40FTE contract funding)

Kim Tarrant, Assistant to Associate Provost & Associate Director, 1.0FTE

  • Assoc. Provost & Assoc. Director support, meeting schedules
  • Program Council support
  • Off-campus faculty recruitment support
  • Assist County Operations Coordinator with unclassified faculty and staff general HR activities in consultation with UABC-HR
  • CRIS Reporting
  • NIMMS Management
  • Retiree list management
  • Teaching evaluation forms and process
  • Supervise student employees

Jackie Russell, Executive Assistant, 1.0FTE

  • Vice Provost & Director support, meeting schedules
  • Budget oversight
  • Signature approvals
  • Meeting coordination and support: O&E Cabinet, O&E Council, O&E Executive Team, CL/RA webinars
  • Extension Citizen Advisory Network (ECAN)
  • Legislature
  • Out-of-state travel authorizations
  • Supervise Extension Administration support staff
  • Special projects
  • Building manager for Ballard Hall

Marcia Dickson, County Operations Coordinator, 1.0FTE

  • Faculty recruitments
  • Unclassified faculty and staff general HR activities in consultation with UABC-HR (position descriptions, fxed-term renewal letters)
  • Policies and procedures development
  • County operations special assignments
  • Contracts/MOU's (service district agreements, county contracts)
  • Civil rights coordination
  • Safety committee coordination
  • Staff development/training
  • UABC liaison (and UABC Advisory Board member)
  • ECTU liaison

Karen Watte, Training Specialist, .50FTE Extension Admin, .50FTE Ecampus

  • Develop and conduct trainings
  • Facilitate training opportunities from external trainers
  • Develop online learning modules

Student Employees

  • Crystal Hines: Extension ConnEXTion newsletter support, WEDA website (contract funded)
  • Itzy Magana: Teaching evaluations and general office support