Ford Institute for Community Building Training Opportunities

Nonprofit Organization Board Trainings

Financial Stewardship Resources educates and empowers nonprofit board members in sound financial, adminstrative and organizational stewardship. Please visit their website to learn more about, or register for one of the these upcoming trainings in a community near you. Participants of the Ford Institute Leadership Program are eligible for a discount.

Check these out:

  • Southern Oregon Nonprofit Board Training (Roseburg): September 29
  • Eastern Oregon Nonprofit Board Training (Pendleton): October 13
  • Board President and Incoming President Training (Independence): November 10

For more information and registration visit the Financial Steward website.

Community Data Training

The Oregon State University Extension Service will come to your community and train people how to use The Rural Communities Explorer (RCE). RCE provides public online access to social, demographic, economic, and environmental information about Oregon and Siskiyou County's rural places. The workshop aimed at city and county leaders, non-profit organizations, businesses, and other engaged people will be presented in a relaxed format that will show participants how to quickly access community indicator data and contextual information on rural communities.

Data from RCE can be used for:

  • Grant writing
  • Business planning
  • Program planning
  • Preparing a presentation
  • Improving personal unerstanding

Arranging this FREE training program in your community is easy:

  • Contact Vince Adams
  • Select a venue with internet access
  • Recruit the audience for the workshop in your community with a provided flyer
  • Vince takes care of the rest by giving the program in your town

Take a look at the Rural Communities Explorer for more information.