Outdoor School Program

This an exciting time for Oregon and for Oregon’s 5th and 6th grade students as OSU Extension works in collaboration with schools, partners, and communities to launch the statewide Outdoor School program, building on a legacy that began in 1966.


If you have questions or would like to discuss how you can help, partner, or support the statewide Outdoor School program, please contact us.

As you receive questions from others, please encourage them to contact us directly and share the link to this page, which provides the most current information about the Year 1 funding process and timeline, and other aspects of the program.

Funding process and timeline

OSU Extension is pleased to begin administering the statewide Outdoor School program.

Year 1 implementation (2017-18 school year)
With input from our advisory committee, we have finalized the application and reporting process and are prepared to begin working with districts in preparation for funding Outdoor School programs for the 2017-18 school year.

See the Letter to districts: Funding process and timeline for year 1 (PDF) for information on the definition of Outdoor School for Year 1, intergovernmental agreements (Master Agreements), and anticipated funding process and reporting requirements.

Application for funds
There is a condensed timeline for this Year 1 (2017-18 school year). We anticipate the application process will start in winter 2018 for the 2018-19 school year.

In Year 1:

  • August/September: Districts enter into Master Agreements with OSU
  • By October 3: Application for funding distributed to districts that have Master Agreements
  • November 14: Funding applications due from districts
  • December: OSU Extension reviews applications and notifies districts of funding

Join our team

We are excited to build the OSU Extension team who will help lead the statewide Outdoor School program. Here is a list of current job openings.

Upcoming Events and Professional Development Opportunities

2017 Oregon Outdoor Summit, Oct. 16-17, 2017

  • What: A two-day adventure, convened by Oregon State University Outreach & Engagement, Travel Oregon, and Oregon State Parks.
  • Who: The summit will engage community leaders, outdoor enthusiasts and recreation businesses, public agencies, students, and educators from across the state in discussion, dialogue, and learning.
  • Learn more: OSU Extension and Outdoor School representatives will be attending the summit, and have an informational booth.

Resources for Outdoor Camps and Programs

Advisory Committee and Work Group information

As outlined in the law (ORS327.390), OSU Extension is developing Outdoor School’s administrative structure and fund-distribution mechanism with help from a diverse advisory committee

Meeting notes

Advisory committee and work group information

Outdoor School Updates

Updates on the status of Outdoor School funding and planning process.


  • In July 2017, the Oregon Legislature formally approved $24 million for the statewide Outdoor School program over the next two years.
  • This followed Oregon voters' approval of Ballot Measure 99 in November 2016, which designated funding, and adoption of Senate Bill 439, codified into law as ORS327.390, by the 2015 Oregon Legislature, which directed OSU Extension to assist School Districts and Education Service Districts (ESD’s) to provide a statewide Outdoor School program.