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The Balanced Energy-Physical Activity Toolkit was developed as a resource to integrate physical activity and nutrition concepts. The BEPA Toolkit aims to provide nutrition edicators and classroom teachers with materials and activity ideas that can be used both in and out of the classroom and before, during, or after school. SNAP Educators can implement the BEPA Toolkit program with any state supported nutrition education curricula directed toward elementary school-aged children. This approach allows SNAP educators to retain autonomy in selecting and delivering preferred nutrition education curricula, while promoting a consistent method of integrating physical activity messages and active time.

Currently, SNAP Educators are using the toolkit in classrooms and communities across the state, and the program has been very well received. If you have any comments, concerns, or would like to send us photos of the toolkit in use please email Kathy Gunter (kathy.gunter@oregonstate.edu) or Brendan Klein (brendan.klein@oregonstate.edu). 

The BEPA Toolkit presents 10, targeted key nutrition messages (as described in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines) paired with physical activity messages and physical activities. Nutrition concepts are inherently linked to physical activity concepts and active games, and physical activity is inherently linked to nutrition concepts, thus repeatedly reinforcing that achieving energy balance requires healthful eating and regular, varied physical activity.

Click the link below to view the nutrition and physical activity key message combinations, organized as they appear in the BEPA Toolkit.

Key Nutrition / Physical Activity Messages

Click the link below to view all the activities in the BEPA Toolkit activity card packet. Directions for the activities appear on the front, while the back of the cards include talking points that integrate relevant nutrition and physical activity concepts.

BEPA Toolkit Activity Cards

Click the link below to access the *NEW* BEPA Toolkit User Manual. The manual contains several new instructor resources, including a Step-by-Step User Guide, Classroom Management Tips, a Movement Skills Glossary, and an Activity Index.

BEPA Toolkit User Manual

Click the link below to access the activity evaluation form. Whenever possible, please complete this form when you use one of the activities included in the toolkit. This will help us to improve the toolkit in the future! 

Download the Activity Evaluation Form


Complete the Activity Evaluation Form ONLINE