Stomps & Jumps


Begin by standing comfortably with your feet shoulder width apart.  

Lift the first leg up at least 8 inches from the ground.  Bring the foot down forcefully as if you are angry.  

Repeat with the other leg. 

  • No stomping if you feel pain in the hip, knee or foot upon impact; no stomping with the vest.



From a standing position, bend the knees, bring the arms back and lean the body slightly forward.

In one smooth motion, swing the arms forward and up, and jump as high as you comfortably and safely are able.

You do not need to perform the jumps quickly one after another. In fact, resting two to four seconds between jumps is beneficial to your joints and your skeleton.


Safety Tips:

  • Landing with stiff knees can be very jarring to the joints so always remember to bend your knees upon landing. Jumps should not be performed if they cause you discomfort in any way, or if you have been advised not to jump by your physician.
  • We recommend that you do NOT perform jumps until gaining clearance from your physician if you have a diagnosis of osteoporosis (T score is -2.5 or lower); or if you have had a previous hip or spine fracture.
  • Jumping is a high impact activity. We recommend that participants do not wear a vest while jumping.
For more information on jumping, visit our Jumping FAQ page!
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