Become a BB&B Instructor

How Do I Become a Certified BB&B instructor?

If you are interested in becoming a certified Better Bones & Balance® instructor please join us at the 2016 instructor training session which will take place September 15th and 16th at the Benton Center in Corvallis, Oregon.

Registration includes workshop materials, lunches and refreshments both days, BB&B program exercise flip-chart, BB&B T-shirt, and a certificate (suitable for framing) upon successful workshop completion and licensing.  Registration & fee MUST be received by August 15, 2016. 

Registration fees are $265 payable to Linn Benton Community College. The workshop schedule is on page two of the registration file.

2016 BBB Workshop Registration

Upon successful completion of the workshop, registrants will be charged licensing fees.  These are separate from the workshop registration and are payable to OSU following successful completion of the written and practical exam.  Licensing fees are $30 for non-profit organizations and $100 for Individuals; licensure is good for three years.  After three years, all instructors must be recertified.  A link will be coming soon for the complete 2016 registration packet.

How Do I get Re-Certified? 

There are two ways! Select the option that suits you best!

1. Join us again for the Instructor Training program – but take the short course! Those who will simply be re-certifying have the option to join us for 1.5 days of the annual BBB Instructor training. The cost of the training for already certified instructors is $130 and includes a BBB t-shirt and lunch on day 2 of the workshop. The workshop schedule is on page two of the registration file.

2016 Renewal Workshop Registration in Corvallis, Oregon


2. Follow the steps detailed on the Licensing Re-certification Application available below and attach the relevant documentation.

BBB Re-certification Application Online option