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Health Benefits of Small Amounts of Activity

New research at Oregon State University highlights the health benefits of small amounts of activity – even as small as one- and two-minute increments that add up to 30 minutes per day!   Incidental exercise, such as taking the stairs rather than the elevator, walking to the mailbox, rather than stopping in your car on the way home can provide some of the health benefits that can be obtained from longer bouts of physical exercise achieved by a trip to the gym.  For more information click here!  To download a color, printable infographic for use in your program activities, click here.

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Resources for Preschool Populations!!

The Healthy Home Child Care project engaged Extension educators as trainers whose role was to deliver the Journey to a Healthy Child Care Home intervention program to family child care providers.  The program is currently being evaluated for effectiveness in changing family child care providers’ practices.  The resource manuals used in the program; Let’s Go Play!, Let’s Go Eat Healthy!, and Let’s Go Cook! contain age-appropriate physical activities, nutrition education activities, and healthy recipes with strategies to support young children’s inclusion in the meal preparation process. 

The resource manuals are available for download by Extension professionals to be used in programming directed toward pre-school age children or families with pre-school age children.


Band Together for Health

Click here to download a PDF file that includes a brief 10-15 minute muscle strengthening program.  This program uses resistance bands and all the exercises can be done while seated.  This makes it an excellent option for older adults and for kids.  This program can be done in classrooms or other limited spaces. 

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