Polk Extension Citizen Advisory Network (PECAN)


Advise Extension, the District Board of Directors (Polk County Commissioners) and District Financial Officer on how resources are allocated and people are served in the county, and Advocate  on behalf of the OSU Extension Service in Polk County.

Membership is made up of Polk County Citizens who support the OSU Extension Service mission and related programs and represent the diversity of Polk County citizens, communities and organizations.

Advisory Roles

  • Provide advice on current needs, future trends, program priorities, and resource development and allocation for serving Polk County citizens, businesses and organizations.
  • Serve as liaison between Extension Service, elected officials, local communities and organizations to increase partnerships, improve relationships and leverage efforts for current and future education programs.

Advocacy Roles

  • Advocate and build support for Extension programs and related budget and fundraising with county commissioners and other elected officials, state and local organizations, businesses and individuals. 
  • Coordinate efforts with OSU Extension Service’s statewide Citizens Advisory Network. 

Intersted in getting involved?

Learn more about PECAN in the links below.

PECAN  - 2016-2017

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PECAN Steering Committee

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