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Local, county and state fairs offer 4-H kids a chance to show off their projects, learn about healthy competition and maybe bring home a ribbon or two.

2015 Polk County Fair - August 6th - 8th

More information to come as we get closer!

2014 Polk County Fair - August 7th - 10th

"Bringing Old and New Together"

Visit the Polk County Fairgrounds page HERE for hours, admission, fair entertainment and camping info.

Take a look at pictures from OSU's Benny Beaver's visit!

Important Announcements:


Important Fair Links and Forms

2014 Polk County Fair Book        Fair Helpers Volunteer Form

Map of Fairgrounds                    Polk County Fairgrounds Website

Junior Superintendent Application

Entry Form (4-H Entries Closed) 

Oregon State Fair 2014 - August 27th - September 1st

Important Announcements:


Important Links and Forms

4-H State Fair Website

State Fair Swine Show

There is going to be an Oregon State 4-H Swine Show this year. However, there are going to be some specific things you must do and forms you must sign in order to participate.  Please share with all your members in the swine project – I suggest you do this now, so members can make necessary appointments and arrangements.

  • There will be NO bred gilts or sows with piglets allowed.
  • There is a “waiver” or hold harmless form that must be signed. Waiver
  • There is also a “PEDv Free form” stating your pigs haven’t been housed near the virus. Form
  • Members must also get a CVI (health certificate) listing Oregon State Fair as their destination.  This will need to happen fairly close to their travel to OSF.
  • These three documents should arrive with the pig and be turned in during registration – it’s likely visual health checks will be performed on site before unloading.
  • Exhibitors traveling out of state with their pigs are required to test and bring the PEDv FREE report.
  • National Pork Board Recommendations
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