PECAN Stucture for 2011

PECAN Structure for 2011 – 2012

Organizational Structure for 2011

  • Members nominate themselves, or by someone affiliated with Extension, and are jointly selected by the Extension Administrator and District Chair.  Individuals are invited to serve for two years with an option to serve an additional year.  Member terms will be staggered.  Members are expected to attend the regular scheduled meetings.
  • Leadership positions are established by the Network and may include a chair, secretary, team/committee leaders and other positions, as necessary.  Leaders are elected from current members and will serve for one year.  The chair and vice chair conduct the meetings with the assistance from the County Leader.
  • Meeting times, location and frequency are set by the membership in consultation with the County Leader.  They are typically two hours in the evenings, at a location in Dallas, and occur 4 times per year.  The steering committee and other work groups will meet more frequently, as needed, and report progress to the Network at regularly scheduled meetings.  These work groups may involve volunteers outside of the Network membership.
  • Extension staff are invited to participate as their schedules permit.  All Network members and office staff will be informed on the group’s activities by mail or e-mail.

education/research efforts and help obtain other available resources and partners.



Chair                     Jim Clawson

Vice Chair             Barbara Nichols

Recorder               Roger Fletcher


Program Liaisons

Some members will be identified as Program Liaisons.  They report recommendations to PECAN based on their discussions and involvement with program faculty and their related networks.


Program Area                                    Lead Faculty                          PECAN Liaison

Agriculture/Small Farms          Gene Pirelli & Amy Garrett      Kathy Hadley, Karen Lippsmeyer

                                                                                                Jim Clawson

4-H/Youth Development          Suzi Busler & Judy Peters      Joyce Wahl,

Family & Community Health   Debra Driscol                          Donna Michaelson, Sheri Beehler

Master Gardener/ Urban Hort Neil Bell                                   Dolores May, Darrell Ward

Forestry & Nat. Resource       Brad Winthrow-Robinson        Bob Feldman


Steering Committee

Provide leadership, overall direction, communication and representation for PECAN to Extension administrator, staff, OSU administration, state advisory network, District Board of Directors and District Budget officer. This will include tracking progress and making recommendations for network actions, providing leadership for communications and outreach, attending periodic Service District update meetings with the Board of Directors, and participating in other administrative functions as necessary.

Current Members: Jim Clawson, Barbara Nichols, Sheri Beehler, Donna Michaelson,

Dolores May, Darrell Ward, Karen Lippsmeyer


Budget Committee

Work with the Extension Regional Administrator, and County Administrator to develop a proposed budget and supporting documents, explore opportunities for non-tax funding, report recommendations to the PECAN.

Current Members:  Barbara Nichols, Darrell Ward, Mike Calef


Communications Committee

Develop a communications strategy (internal and external), Identify volunteers to assist with communications processes, Explore non-traditional opportunities, networking among community groups, report recommendations to the PECAN.

Current Members: Sheri Beehler, Barbara Nichols, Jim Clawson,


Facility Task Group

Provide oversight for workspace needs and issues.  Participate in the process for acquiring a permanent facility.

Current Members: Barbara Nichols, Jim Clawson

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