4-H Fish Stewards

The Portland 4-H Program is pleased to offer two exciting curriculum programs in cooperation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Both programs provide hands on curriculum for students in grades 4-12.  4-H Fish Stewards curriculum integrates the concepts of fish biology and managment into easy-to-use math and science lesson plans.  The lesson plans aare designed to be used in sequence or as independent lessons with the classroom curriclum.

Check out both of these exciting programs and how 4-H staff support teachers and parents in the classroom to bring science learning alive through hands-on lessons. 4-H Staff work with Partner schools to provide

  • in-class presentations
  • supporting 4-H curriculum to enhance USFWS and ODFW curriclum 
  • student journals and worksheets
  • equipment and training for teachers and parents helpers
  • and leadership for the classroom field trips.

Salmon in the Classroom Project

(Lessons and equipment for raising salmon in the classroom)

Pacific Lamprey in the Classroom Project

(Ipad and chromebook multi media and interactive online currciculum) 

Meeting Core Standards

Pacific Lamprey in the Classroom


Pacific Lamprey in the classroom (online chromebook) Multimedia
Curriculum for grades 6-8

This online multimedia curriculum with acccompanying student worksheets includes 6 units on All about Lampreys, Lamprey Life cycles, Lamprey anatomy, Lamprey Ecology, Native Americans and Lamprey, and Take Action.  Students move at there own pace.  The curriclulum offers a means to learn content in a compelling way using videos and pop up photos.

Pacific Lamprey in the Classroom
Ibook Curriculum for Grades 6-8

The Pacific Lamprey in the Classroom curriculum helps students meet core standards in science (life cycles, classification, and more) and social sciences. The program uses the new  Ibookmulti-media platform that supports student learning in a fun and highly engaging way. The Ibook curriculum combines text, graphics and video to deliver content in a compelling way. Students are able to move through the 6 learning modules at their own pace and in an order that is intuitive to them.


4-H Fish Stewards Curriculum


Fish Stewards
Curriculum for grades 4-6

A 72-page curriculum on Salmon Life Cycles, anatomy and fish habitat. Curriculum also includes lessons on Classroom Salmon Incubation project.

Fish Stewards
Curriculum for grades 6-12

A 125-page curriculum with hands-on lessons about the life cycle of anadromous fish, the biology of eggs to fry, juvenile and adult habitat ecosystems and fish management. Lessons also include classroom salmon incubation project.

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