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MULTNOMAH 4-H NEWS:  Join Multnomah 4-H on Memorial Day Weekend @ Oaks Park!

Come check out the fun with Multnomah 4-H at the County Fair

May 27, 28, 29 2017

For more Fair details--CLICK HERE!

4-H'ers are ready to share their hard work at the fair.  Come see what we've been up to.  In addition to 4-H members displaying their static (art, photography, all non-animal) exhibits, and showing their small animals (rabbits, poultry & cavies/guinea pigs), this year's 4-H area will also feature the following:

  • Catch The Buzz (a place to learn about urban beekeeping, starting a 4-H Beekeeping Club, how to keep bees healthy & thriving, and other fun activities)
  • Makers Space--hands on experiences, like: rope making, model bridge building, circuit boards, knot tying.
  • YA-4-H Teen Teachers will be at the fair on Monday to do cooking demos

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New 4-H Community Club - Everyone Welcome

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Native Plant Flashcards for Sale


Special offer while supplies last.  Our Native Plant flashcards are for sale.  This beautiful kid friendly cards include 40 native plants of the Pacific Northwest.  They are grouped by habitat type and  contain beautiful photos, illustrations, and loads of helpful information such as landscape uses, growing enviroment, plantip tipes, way cool facts and much more.

We need to make space in our storage facility so we are selling these cards below wholesale value.  Buy one for $8.00 or 10 or more for $6.00 each.  Shipping costs is extra.

Contact our 4-H office to order your set today!

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