4-H Partner Schools

We are now accepting applications for our 4-H Partner Schools for 2017-18.  We are only accepting a limited number of applications.  If you are interested in applying contact our office to set up an appointment with your school leadership so that we can introduce you to our program.

Becoming a 4-H Partner School is Free! 

There are no fees to become a 4-H Partner school.  However, some of our programs are fee-based for each member (Summer Camp, Summer Conference, Urban-Rural Exchange, After School clubs). Discounts and scholarships are available. 

Click here to check out Special Programs Only Offered to Our 4-H Partner Schools such as

  • school gardens
  • after-school clubs
  • on-site faculty consultations
  • fish stewards
  • raising chickens from eggs
  • urban-rural exchange for middle schools
  • youth entrepreneurs
  • Multnomah County Fair


Steps to Become a 4-H Partner School

Check out here how to become a Multnomah 4-H Partner School

Benefits for our Partner Schools 

The 4-H Partner Schools Program provides a wealth of resources to assist teachers and school volunteers with ensuring the academic and social success of their students. 4-H programs may be implemented in school to complement classroom learning objectives, as part of afterschool programs, or 4-H may assist with special events such as field trips or school celebrations. A wide array of subjects is available such as SET (science, engineering and technology), natural resources, agriculture, healthy living and citizenship.  


Curriculum and Training Support for Teachers and Volunteers

4-H provides research-based curriculum, compliant with Oregon State Standards, covering a wide range of topics. There is something for everyone. As a 4-H volunteer or member school, you will receive free and/or discounted curriculum. New lessons, activities and volunteer resources are developed at the local, state and national level each year. Additionally, we offer professional development in a variety of subject areas designed to empower teachers to connect educational benchmarks to engaging, hands-on learning activities. 

Extensive Science and Environmental Education Kits Loan Library

The Multnomah 4-H Office maintains an extensive collection of educational kits and resource materials, which can be checked out on loan for free. These kits contain the materials and supplies for conducting hands-on science, gardening and environmental education in the classroom. Click here for more information.


4-H After School Clubs

 4-H After School programs provide opportunities for youth to turn ideas into action. Through the work of caring adult mentors, 4-H - a positive youth development organization - is cultivating a growing number of America's youth for tomorrow's leaders. Some people think of 4-H only as it relates to animals.  And while animal-related projects are a wonderful part of 4-H, modern 4-H is SO much more.  After School clubs can have a variety of topics as their focus-- including science, animal husbandry, cooking, photography, art, leadership and many more.  It is amazing what youth can learn by completing a 4-H project. Youth not only have fun learning about a topic but also gain life skills like responsibility, problem-solving, record keeping, and working with others--all of which lead to building confidence and character strength. 4-H staff will work with Partner School staff to identify and recruit After School club leaders.

On-site 4-H Faculty Consultation

4-H faculty are available to provide on-site support to our 4-H teachers school volunteers. Our faculty are experts in the field of youth development, program design/management, natural resources and more. Faculty have created programs that reach thousands of youth and volunteers in Oregon and across the nation. Whether you are a new volunteer creating your first after-school club or in-school program or a veteran teacher our faculty are here to support you within your community.

On-site School/Club Leader Training

If you have 4 or more volunteers and/or teachers 4-H faculty are available to conduct trainings on-site for your school and club. Popular topics include: school garden curriculum, science inquiry, planning for sustainability, youth leadership, volunteer management and fundraising.

Grants and Funding Support

The 4-H staff maintain a database of grants available to 4-H clubs and groups, including grants from the State 4-H Foundation. 4-H faculty are happy to write letters of support for grants your 4-H club or school is seeking.

Liability and Fiscal Management

All 4-H volunteers and youth members can be covered by OSU liability and accident insurance. 4-H is a 501C3 organization. This allows chartered clubs to fundraise and manage their fiscal resources. 4-H faculty provide support and oversight to ensure your success in managing club finances.

4-H Member Youth Enrichment

4-H provides ongoing opportunities for 4-H members to get involved in 4-H programs and activities outside their club. Examples include 4-H summer resident and day camps, leadership conferences, family fun days, volunteer appreciation events and much more.

Public Relations and media support

4-H staff assist schools with promoting your 4-H project sto your school, parents, and community



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